Why do people bother existing smh

Climate change is a scientific issue, you need to abide by reasonable standards if you expect to be taken seriously by any one other than those seeking to confirm their pre-existing views. Hutchy 19 Saturday, 2 Oct 2021 at 5:36pm The problem I see with the sisters is that they aren’t equipped with survival gear and accessories such as backpacks and things of that nature that were heavily represented with the two initial KT forces, Kommandos and DKoK.I think it’s jarring visually, but because they are a new unit, the other visual elements distract from what isn’t present. The world's biggest arms dealer, in fact they donate many of those weapons flooding into countries like Afghanistan to eventually be used against their own people at tax-donkey's expense (so generous!) while pushing stricter gun control measures at home. Smh. Scholarly article is in no way a requirement to something existing. But as i said, its very common for betas to not like the label and get butthurt about it and make ridiculous claims like this. smh . Bennett the Mad. 3 days ago : 32nd? ... like it would really be an "X" species embryo that the geneticists used existing chromosomes to make a child that was as like if it was mixed with "Y" species in theory. ... If we cram enough words in to one person we don't need to bother writing any actual plot, conflict, or drama. MechaPyx. Dieses Projekt entstand auf die Anfrage hin, ob es nicht möglich wäre, diese spezielle Batuu-Maske weniger jugendfreundlich zu gestalten. Da sie ein Ganzkörperoutfit ist, verdeckt sie den eigentlichen Skin und somit auch den intimen Bereich des Körpers, den EA so gerne ignoriert. ? As many people pointed out, Qatar only got to host it by bribery - good old Sepp Blatter, but sadly during the construction of the new stadia an estimated 4,000 migrant works will die, that's 12 per week until the first game happens.Also many of the workers are officially classified as slaves, for they are denied food and water and their indentity cards are taken from them, making it ... Climate change is a scientific issue, you need to abide by reasonable standards if you expect to be taken seriously by any one other than those seeking to confirm their pre-existing views. Hutchy 19 Saturday, 2 Oct 2021 at 5:36pm Supreme Court Leaves Texas "Heartbeat" Abortion Law in Effect -- For Now. The Texas abortion law says that abortionists who perform abortions on fetuses six weeks old or older (when the heart starts being) can be sued by private actors-- not any state actor or agency.. Leftist groups filed for an emergency injunction against enforcement of the order. My cousin and I are close in age. This summer I spent most of it with her. Anyway, Throughout most of the summer I started doing things I dont usually do. I smoked weed, hung out with people I wouldn't really hang out with and I did some other things I'd rather not talk about. I also spent so...

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2021.10.17 18:19 be_bo_i_am_robot Fundamento De Esperanto

How many of y’all have learned using this book?
Duolingo and lernu are great (I signed up for both), but I then I also thought, well, as a beginner, why not go straight to the source, Dr. Esperanto himself, for the fundamentals?
So, I bought a copy, and I’m on Ekzercaro 8 (“La patro estas bona.”). So far, so good!
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2021.10.17 18:19 DotUnderPinkie Healing foot pain | General interest in the subject

I just saw a post on HighStrangeness that led me here. I'm very interested in learning more about this group and what you do.
I feel the need to explain why I'm interested, but I think that would take too long. I've had a lot of strange experiences in the last 4 years, and to talk about everything that happened all at once would just be way too much. I'll try to limit this post to only what feels most relevant right now.
I believe in energetic effects at a distance because of some of the things that happened. I was on the receiving end a few times. And there are some things that I believe I may have had a part in causing, but it's really hard to be sure.
It's hard to explain some of these without the greater context of what was happening at the time, but this is one of the best examples of having been on the receiving end. In the midst of a lot of confusion and searching for answers or other people that had experienced something similar, I wound up chatting with someone online one night who claimed to be from a group not dissimilar from yours (from what little I know about it). I didn't seek this group out specifically, this was a person who private messaged me on Twitter. I had never heard of this person or group.
They said they wanted to help me. And that if I accepted, all I had to do was relax, breathe, and be open to them. I accepted. Within a few moments, I felt a "tingling glowy warmth" in I guess what you would call the sacral area. The person asked if I could feel them. I said yes, I think I do. It felt amazing. Almost like an extended orgasm. I just sat and experienced it for a little while. After a little bit, the person said they wanted to give me something, and if I want it, I should hold out my hands. I did, and I felt a similar tingly glowy warmth in my hands. They said that I've been given a Sword of Light, that I can use or not, as I see fit, and that no one can ever take it away from me. They did not explain how to use it or what it can do. I thanked them, we wished each other well, and said good bye.
For about 3 days after that, I felt like I had a rushing current flowing through my groin. Not to sound crude, but it literally felt as though I was cumming and it wasn't stopping. I was in a very pleasant state overall, and much more at peace than I had been recently.
I tried to find this person or the group again, but I couldn't. I couldn't even find the chat session, it was as though it never even happened. I still don't know for sure that I didn't just dream it or that it wasn't some psychotic hallucination, but I can't easily dismiss it as such.
That was just one of many strange things that happened in the last 4 years.
The post in HighStrangeness felt like one of those weird synchronistic coincidences because it was exactly this time in 2017 that I first sent myself to the hospital because I thought I might literally be losing my mind.
In early 2017, for no apparent reason, I started to feel "better". Over the spring and summer, it just kept ramping up. I had more vitality, drive, intensity of emotion, etc. Heck even my senses felt like they were improving. At first I figured I must have been in a pretty severe depression for a long time and not even known it. Around September, I decided to start meditating. It's something my Dad does and I wanted to try it. After only a few sessions, I had an extremely intense experience that I won't even bother trying to put into words.
From that moment on, the "ramp up" I mentioned earlier went from linear to exponential. I started experiencing "supernatural" things, noticing very odd coincidences, etc. Eventually I started to experience what I concluded was an interaction with another entity, but I didn't really know who or what it was. It did not feel threatening, it actually felt like it was trying to help me.
On October 17 2017, I had an extremely intense epiphany, like a remembering of who/what I really am. I was terrified and ashamed.
I had been working with a Reiki healer earlier that year (strictly business, I was building a website for her). At the time, I hadn't had any of the weird experiences yet, so I was pretty skeptical of the whole Reiki thing. But a client is a client. The night of the epiphany, I was freaking out. I knew I couldn't talk to any of my friends or family about it, they'd think I was nuts. So I called her. I can't imagine what it must have been like receiving that call. Your web developer rings you up sobbing and panicking about what most people would chalk up to a psychotic hallucination.
But she was so patient and understanding. She heard me out and did her best to comfort me. And best/worst of all, she believed me. She tried to tell me that I have no reason to be ashamed, that what people believe about that subject was not necessarily true. She might have saved my life that night.
The next night was intense. That helpful entity that I felt I was interacting with warned me that something extremely scary was about to happen, but that I should not panic, I would be fine. I sat there waiting, giddily curious.
Then I felt a very intense presence that I could only describe as dark. My mind was flooded with very violent and disturbing imagery. And then it "spoke". Similarly to how the other entity "spoke". Not a voice, it's hard to explain. But it said that I had the ability to bring about paradise. It all felt very biblical. Obviously it all felt very disturbing and scary, but it had me curious, so I listened. Eventually it said that, in order to do that, I would need to be willing to do some difficult/dark things. It then seemed to suggest that my first step was to rape my room mate.
At that moment, I said nope, fuck this. I asked someone to call an ambulance for me because maybe I am losing my mind and maybe I actually could hurt someone.
After that decision, the darkness went away. The other entity came back and I could sense this ecstatically happy feeling. The feeling took over me. When the paramedics showed up, I must have seemed like a ridiculously happy escapee from a mental institution. I went along with them to the hospital. There were some weird things that happened on the way there, but I don't want to get into that right now. In the end, the doctors talked to me, gave me some antipsychotics and had me start seeing a psychiatrist.
The psychiatrist eventually determined that I have bipolar disorder and that everything I had been experiencing was my first manic episode. Since then, it's been a roller coaster. Some days I believe that my experiences were real and are important in some way. Other days, I think I really am just slightly unhinged with a tendancy to go fully psychotic at times.
I feel like I've already made this post way longer than I wanted to. All of that to say: please teach me. Please tell me anything you know about all of this. I'm so tired of not knowing whether or not I'm crazy.
As for the healing request, I haven't been able to get much exercise in the last few months because of this constant pain in my foot. I would very much like to get back to exercising, I always feel much better overall when I do.
I think it might be plantar fasciitis. It's a pain in my left foot, sort of between the heel and the arch. I can barely put any weight on it when I first wake up. The pain kind of fades after a bit. But by the end of the day, if I've been on my feet much, I'm usually limping.
I've tried those rolling spiky massage things, arch support inserts, better shoes...it still hurts. If you can work your magic and make this pain go away, I would be extremely grateful.
Thank you! I'm so happy I came across that post in HighStrangeness.
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2021.10.17 18:19 heinaga1989 Brand New Token - First educational platform for Gamers - 1 OLD! Big Marketing plans incoming!

Brand New Token: First educational platform for Gamers.

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Urgaming is the company that will develop various platforms and games in the future that will coexist within its ecosystem. The first project is the Gaming University or URG University. The objective of this platform is that the players of different competitive video games can buy courses to improve their skills, dictated by the best players from each of these games. This platform will allow the best players in the world to generate a passive income with each of the sales made on this platform, helping them to improve their income and financial stability, which in e-sports is something really difficult to achieve.


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Liquidity Locked for 1 Year!

3% Rewards to Holders
3% Add to Liquidity pool
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1% AutoBurn.
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2021.10.17 18:19 Neoslayer What's the rarest insult you've ever heard someone say?

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2021.10.17 18:19 themuscleman14 [Recruiting] DJ Rumba | All TH’s | Level 23 | Warring

Clan Name: DJ Rumba.
Clan Tag: Y9JQQGC8
DJ Rumba https://link.clashofclans.com/en?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=Y9JQQGC8
Clan Level: 23
CWL: Master 3
Clan Entry Reqs (NO EXCEPTIONS): All TH levels welcome. No rushed bases. TH 10 level 30 heroes required. TH 11 level 40 heroes required. If you have a war timer don’t bother.
War Record: 791-139-4
Highest Win Streak: 38
Discord Server (optional): https://discord.gg/5JQyFfz
Additional info: DJ Rumba is a warring clan that is open to all TH's. Our clan is full of a variety of TH levels including many TH10s-12s and we are recruiting. We win over 90% of our clan wars. We like to win lots of wars, and trash talk our opponents. We haven’t missed max loot on a clan games and donations are almost instant. If you like lots of loot and high level donations we are the clan for you.
New members are main accounts only, no alts. If you’re opted in you must use both war attacks every war. Anyone who doesn’t attack twice is kicked, zero tolerance. Be willing to learn new attacks and be able to get 3 stars in war. If you don't reliably get stars in war and don't donate then you're useless.
We have a discord server (link above). If you join and become a member you’ll have access to all our chats and guides.
War strategy is simple, attack for 3 stars. 2 star attacks are dumb. Once everything is cleared then people can loot. Request max troops for your clan castle for war attacks.
We can be rowdy, sometimes offensive or insulting, but winning is our top priority. If words easily offend or you value virtue signaling more than winning then look elsewhere.
Mention "Reddit" in your request or no entry.
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2021.10.17 18:19 EddyLance Metroid Dread - Save file Request

Hello, guys
Had to make an urgency format and lost my save file. Does anyone have a save file for Metroid Dread right before or right after the multi-missile upgrade (I believe it's called the storm missile?)
Thanks from now!
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2021.10.17 18:19 Plane_Explorer Need help making month end

Hi everyone,
This is my first request here and I honestly have nowhere else to turn to. My job retrenched me at the beginning of October and I used my last paycheck to pay next month's rent. Now I'm desperately looking for work but I'm really struggling as my country doesn't have many opportunities. I also don't have any family to ask for help.
What I'm looking for is around $60, thanks to the exchange rate this would be enough for me to get groceries for two weeks. I have noodles to last me until Thursday. I'm also hopeful to find a job.
Thanks so much
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Hope you will be fine.im looking for nice people as friend to have nice conversation on different things and learn, explore things together.
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Add 8263 8294 9694
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2021.10.17 18:19 bobbob1199 Bastila lead GML

How come the bastila lead protection up is counted under WAT’s ability however it’s not counted under SEE’s special which removes protection
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