Welp me and my friend just got a gun pulled on us

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2021.10.17 17:59 jazzking13 Welp me and my friend just got a gun pulled on us

So me and my friend wanted to spend the night with some fun gaming and casual sex. So we decided to go to a motel since both our families were home, the 2 usual motels we go to were both full. So we see a motel that’s 5 minutes away and go there, I go to the front door and see it says “ no vacancy” on the front door and get back in my car. We’re sitting there looking for a new spot, we’ve only been in that parking lot for a total of 5 minutes before we find a place. As I start my car up and start to back up I see someone walking towards us with a light. Must be the owner or a security guard I think so I put it back in park cause their probably just wonder why I’m here. It’s the owner and he asks why we’re here, I tell him we were looking for a room for the night but since his motel was full we were looking for a different place to go and that we found one and we’re gonna leave now. Guy says we’re lying and trying to do a drug deal, and cocks his gun at us and tells us to put our hands up. Says we shouldn’t be here and orders us to leave and to never come back, even tho the gun wasn’t pointed at us my heart was racing. As I’m pulling out, all of my attention is on the guy in front of my car with the gun so I accidentally bump into a parked school bus behind me. Guy yells to turn off my car, I do and he proceeds to call the cops and says we’re drunk. My friend is also calling the cops, he was more angry than scared while I was mostly just scared. Cops get there and everything smooths out, they didn’t treat us like criminals and were very understanding. I felt much better knowing we weren’t alone with that guy with the gun. It felt horrible knowing that any wrong move could have led to death. I didn’t have to pay the guy for the bus because it didn’t get damaged unlike my left rear light and spoiler. We spent the rest of the night driving around talking about it. That we would just be dead for a complete misunderstanding. And right before we were about to start up our new careers.
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2021.10.17 17:59 CharlieB9 [WTT][ WTS] Send it Sunday Second Attempt St Croix 6' Trout Series Spinning Rod for IFAK Pouch[PA]

Gonna try this again, got a new, unused 6' St Croix Trout Series spinning rod that I'm looking to trade for a quality IFAK pouch like the BFG Micro Trauma kit pouch, Coyote STOMP, or the ITS ETA Fatboy. Would also sell the rod outright for $105 shipped. These run $140, and have been oos everywhere I've looked.
Pics: https://imgur.com/a/Kowl2Ah
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2021.10.17 17:59 ThisPlenty2375 Stupid Baka! “Shits quietly”

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2021.10.17 17:59 thedirkfiddler Spam knees and elbows still a thing?

Literally fought a guy that only did knees and elbows and spinning elbows. Wtf is wrong with this game.
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2021.10.17 17:59 Serious_Cranberry861 Giratina raid on me adding 10 8804 8539 6456

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2021.10.17 17:59 Jnpx I had a dream, it wasn't a nightmare, that I bashed my own skull in to do a sorta DIY brain transplant

It's a little hazy tbh.
Somewhere in my dream I had found a brain, I can't remember if it was an artificial brain or someone else's brain, and I came up with an idea to do a DIY brain transplant.
So I start bashing my skull, pretty gruesomely too, and I don't remember being scared (it did hurt). I finish bashing my skull and I could literally feel the cold air on my brain- it was the weirdest sensation.
I remember picking at my skull bone too.
But I realized after I finished like "how tf am I even gonna take my own brain out without dying?"
So instead of going to the hospital, I get some spray disinfectant for cuts and just spray it all over my head and bandage myself pretty sloppily.
I really don't remember what happened after, but that was a really weird part of my dream... idk what happened before or after.
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2021.10.17 17:59 tdale369 The Royal Bad Guys, remade in Soul Calibur VI!

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2021.10.17 17:59 PatTar69 Biased News.

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2021.10.17 17:59 Affinity878 Am I the problem or is he a narcissist?

This is going to be long winded and is the stupidest fight imaginable so I apologize. Me (31, F) and the father (37, M) of my children have been off and on for 7 years. The last time we broke up I had had enough and started dating others and tried to really move on. We ended up getting back together yet again and this time around he's been apologizing profusely for the last 7 years and how much of an asshole and horrible person he's been. He's been doing everything to make my life easier and generally being an amazing boyfriend and telling me he's changed for good. He told me that he couldn't believe he almost lost me and is having a ring made for me so he can propose.
Yesterday we got into an argument after our son tripped and fell over the leg of his highchair and hit his arm. My immediate response was to pull up his sleeve and check his arm for any wounds etc. He told me to stop and not to pull up his sleeve and that I was only hurting him more. His sleeve was loose and it was easy to pull up. He then began to ask why I would do that? Why would I immediately check the area that our kids just hurt? I was like seriously? You need an explanation? That's just who I am. Because I wouldn't give him more of an explanation and I was starting to get really annoyed and upset, he ended up leaving even though we had made plans to spend the day together as a family.
He kept hounding me to give an explanation after he left and I told him it was natural instinct to check the hurt area. He said I should have said that right away and we wouldn't be fighting right now. He then apologized for how he took it too far but that I should have just explained it better to him instead of getting upset. Is that seriously something that needs more explaining?!? And that it took me using the words natural instinct for him to understand? I think he's just playing stupid. At this point I was super annoyed that he had left and that he wasn't going to be back for hours because of the stuff he was now doing even though he shouldn't have left in the first place because of our plans. He ended up ignoring my calls at one point and said he didn't want to talk and so I then told him that I was done dealing with his shit and that I didn't want to talk and wouldn't respond to his calls. He said if I didn't answer he would cancel the ring (because I have told him that if he ignores me that i won't be with him and that he wasn't going to held to a double standard) So I answered and told him I didn't want to talk. He said he would maybe talk to me tomorrow and that he was blocking me and that he didn't deserve any of this just because he didn't understand earlier and that I didn't give a better explanation.
Am I the crazy one here and to blame?!?! We always have issues like this and I'm left confused and feeling crazy by how he blames me and leaves me in utter confusion as to wtf is actually going on. I'm sick of living like this! Thanks in advance for responding to this stupidity.
Tldr: boyfriend is making me feel crazy.
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2021.10.17 17:59 ThrowaFuyu my boyfriend is so pretty it hurts

i just wanna hug him so bad ugh djsjsjfndkskkfjdj
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2021.10.17 17:59 lowpaidsalaryman Poor atheist souls!

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2021.10.17 17:59 syndicate711 [WTS] [WTT] Send it Sunday - Segway Ninebot Drift W1 (CO)

I have those hovershoes here, I can't use them since we moved, carpet everywhere and our sidewalks are not nice enough. That being said, they are barely used, I never took them outdoors, no damage, I even cleaned the dust off.
I would like to trade them for an optic (Romeo 5, Holosun, something like that) or I also sell them for $120 plus shipping. Christmas is coming faster than you think.
Back to the Future
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2021.10.17 17:59 brickbattalion [CO-US] [H] PayPal [W] Republic Attack Shuttle, Jedi T-6 Shuttle, Starfighter (Saesee Tiin’s mostly), Republic Y-Wing, AT-AP, Bounty Hunter Gunship, Arc-170, Z-95, Republic Fighter Tank, Corossant Gunship

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2021.10.17 17:59 patchaclus Has anyone here gone through the FDM Group technical graduate program?

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2021.10.17 17:59 CraftyYetRefined Blacksmith

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2021.10.17 17:59 Spiritual_Patient_49 Jordan Peterson VS Peter Jordanson (Part 2)

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2021.10.17 17:59 KenJinks How does one represent a network? Messy lines or big clean matrices?

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2021.10.17 17:59 GlammedLu Help? Guilt? Ugh.

I’m assuming a lot of us have had to be in many public/intimate settings while also in the midst of a flare up.
Yesterday I was at my cousins wedding while being on day 7 of my flair up. I forced myself to go regardless of how terrible I’m feeling because I don’t get to see this side of my family often.
I’ve lost 8lbs, can’t eat and am in stomach pain with little to no sleep. At this point I’m praying my makeup/outfit will hide any suspicion they may have.
I am SO disheartened with how terrible of a job I did trying to hide my discomfort. I thought I would be able to put my big girl panties on and just smile and make pleasant small talk.
Lol Not. I was dying and feel like the biggest fucking let down and looser. Everyone sees me for the first time in awhile and now probably thinks I’m a depressed ass debbie downer. It sucks that I couldn’t just be my happy, loving, outgoing self.
I know I could be over reacting. But my family just doesn’t understand the significant toll this is on my body and I always fear that means they see the worst of me.
This is definitely a long post, so thank you to those who read it. I just feel like a pile of shit and am hoping to find some comfort in this post.
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2021.10.17 17:59 JustForQuestions321 I cant enjoy games anymore will this help?

First of all my English isn't the best so if anything sounds weird or off I'm sorry about it.
Questions TL;DR:

  1. How is long-term fun?
  2. Worth when Stupid? (not brain-damaged but also not the next Einstein)
  3. Is the learning curve hard?
  4. Is it easy to deconstruct and change a factory completely?
  5. Do you just restart after a while or how do people manage to get so many hours without getting bored? (serious question)
  6. Can I watch a show while playing?
Now some backstory, feel free to skip that.
So my Problem with games as I got older is that I simply cant enjoy them anymore I get bored fast and don't have the energy to play them. I'm not depressed or anything I just feel like most games cant hook me anymore (if that makes sense). recently I started watching a lot of Twitch and Youtube but that started to felt like a huge time waste because of how little I was doing that Day. I was looking for a Game to play while watching twitch, youtube, or even Netflix.
(skip this paragraph if you don't know anything about No Mans Sky) I thought No Mans Sky might fit perfectly for me, but it was just not beginner-friendly enough. I don't mind a hard learning curve if it's interesting but No Mans Sky had just so many things to it that didn't seem intuitive enough in my opinion. If you played the game I would love it if you can give me an opinion about it compared to Satisfactory and I, of course, know that they are 2 completely different games.
Now back to point.
I also looked into Satisfactory again which I always wanted to play it seems too good to be true.
Relaxing enough to watch something while playing, interesting enough to keep me playing, and beginner-friendly enough that I'm not turned down completely by the overwhelming early game.
I understand that this game can be complex and I don't mind that as long as it feels intuitive enough.
One thing about the game that makes it so interesting is the ''endless'' playability but that's also my main concern. I'm scared that I'm too stupid for long-term fun.
I tried to look it up but couldn't find a good answer about the late game. Do people just redesign everything or restart the game completely at some point? what keeps people playing the game for hours upon hours? as far as I understand there is no goal as of right now but does it matter? Is there enough to do?
If you read it that far I'm not only impressed I'm also a bit sorry for the Boring monologue.
I'm thankful for any reply!
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2021.10.17 17:59 thexylom Pollution from N.C.’s Commercial Poultry Farms Disproportionately Harms Communities of Color - Inside Climate News

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2021.10.17 17:59 PottyosPanna Practicing with Zuko

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2021.10.17 17:59 DawnoftheCrimsonage My thoughts on deism

I believe deism and atheism is far more rational believe then theism because i am a agnostic atheist. I don't think deism or believe in a god is all irrational cause there good reasons but there few problems as well but a personal god is a idea i can't get behind because its silly and idiotic. In my opinion there is no place for theism in todays day and age but deism is fine i only have few problems with that but overall much better than theism.
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2021.10.17 17:59 okaynapkin gm babes ur looking very submissive and breedable today 💯

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2021.10.17 17:59 KeyMango2110 🔥 DaddyShiba - Based and Experienced Dev Team | $SHIBA Rewards | Active Voice Chat | 🔥 ! | Get Whitelisted Now!

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🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒
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2021.10.17 17:59 Putrid-Engineering-6 [xbox][h] credits [w] lime pink or purple octane

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