2021.11.29 20:09 Brendan-G Bam!

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2021.11.29 20:09 egoe85 What’s this Japanese looking tiny guy ?

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2021.11.29 20:09 Pappy_Smith [Serious] Redditors who are atheist but were once religious, what made you stop believing?

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2021.11.29 20:09 refang What capacitor is used at C56 on a GBA SP?

Was doing a USB-C mod and lost that component in the process, whoops
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2021.11.29 20:09 FloofThePoof #005 Charmeleon 🔥(_floofthepoof_ on Instagram and Twitter)

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2021.11.29 20:09 pieceofshit321 I can't be an anarchist if i'm a shy person?

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2021.11.29 20:09 bern_trees Out to eat and saw this. Same you guys, same.

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2021.11.29 20:09 strawb3rryshortcake1 memory loss on ssris

hi so i’m on sertraline and i’ve lit been seeing that memory loss can happen and i’ve seen it all over on reddit and stuff i’m rly freaking out i’m on day 4 of it. i’m worried bc i have important exams in january and i don’t want to forget all the stuff i’ve revised etc especially bcs biology is all memorising content so i’m super freaked out. on the nhs website it says less that 1/100 ppl get memory loss and it’s one of the severe side effects. does anyone know if this med will affect how i revise/ study and make me get bad grades or can i maintain good grades with it ??
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2021.11.29 20:09 k_steph Property Management Won't Respond To Me

I previously wrote a Frugal post here detailing what I've been going through with my property management. To keep it short, I'm powering an exterior light panel that is on the side of my apartment complex, that lights up the whole parking lot, and I'm being charged for it monthly through PG&E (I live in San Jose, CA). I notified Property Management about this almost 3 months ago and they said they would fix the issue by Sept. 30th. The issue still hasn't been resolved and when I reach out to them to follow up on it they do not respond. They haven't responded for a month now. I even reached out to the broker of the firm - also no response.
What should I do next? I don't want to keep getting charged for this usage, unfairly, which is eating into my utility budget every month.
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2021.11.29 20:09 Needdick4life [NSFW] What advise would you give on buying/hiding sextoys from parents?

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2021.11.29 20:09 svanapps r/ethtrader - Not a time to sleep then

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2021.11.29 20:09 TikiiTorch Sell me on your team!

First of all, I was active in last night's India vs NZ match thread, and I want to say "Thank you!" so much for everyone being so welcoming and answering my silly newbie questions. You all rock!
So, I found Cricket a couple of years ago when I was bedridden from an illness, and decided "I will learn Cricket" as a way to pass the time. Since then, I have tried to follow and learn as best I can. It wasn't until recently that I really started watching regularly (where I can).
But, as an American, I don't really have a "local" team to support. So, who should I get behind? And why is your team the best? Sell me on the best fandom and win a loyal supporter! (Bonus points if I can actually watch some matches in the US)
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2021.11.29 20:09 baftnation 70 bucks for pretty much copy+paste

So, this game turned out to be an absolute joke, they added some species, half assed some new mechanics but other than that, improved nothing.. Not even the building system is improved, just a blatant copy+paste from their last title
Then the same cringy dialogue as from the first part, still not enough animations and behaviour of the animals, just a whole lot of nothing IMO.
DOWNVOTE me all you want, wont make the game less bad. (my refund got denied, im pissed)
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2021.11.29 20:09 Shdidax0 Is this laptop good for minecraft?

Dell - Inspiron 7000 2-in-1 14" Touch-Screen Laptop - AMD Ryzen 7 - 16GB Memory - 512GB Solid State Drive - Blue
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2021.11.29 20:09 takethisedandshoveit [OC] LET’S TALK LOCALIZATION | Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc part 2 | Localization Addict [9:10]

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2021.11.29 20:09 deluxeisgod Denki is the Terminator

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2021.11.29 20:09 xponentialdesign Squarely Sorting It Out | 27-08-‎18 | by Xponentialdesign | XTZ TEZOS

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2021.11.29 20:09 surfskate88 MVP Orbital

Looking to buy an MVP Orbital! If any one is looking to sell one?
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2021.11.29 20:09 The_Nast_Blast Is the garbage man worth grinding without double reagents?

Me and gf just got to where we can do the underground and get dragoon gear but without double reagents it’s gonna take forever. Should we just wait?
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2021.11.29 20:09 nxjj I paid for one month of my housemate's rent, I told her she can pay me back when she can. We've had a little row and among other reasons shes moving out

I was moving in with three other people and we we're in risk of not getting the house and it going back on the market. And seeing as though our university semester was starting soon I did want to look for another place, So I offered to pay for one month rents as she couldnt pay for the next month as she didnt start her job yet and wasn't getting paid soon, We decided she'll pay me back when she can whether it be the full amount or even small installments. But now she's talking about me and my other mate behind our back to the other housemate, came back from a night out and I didnt have key and my other housemate didnt either so we knocked on her windows as she was awake and asked if she can open the door and she shook her indicating she wouldnt as we were drunk and loud, I went round to the back door to open it and I was drunk and angry as she didn't let me in my own home so I played my music loud enough that she can as she was under my housemates floor. One thing lead to another and she came in and we had an argument. The day after the argument she went hospital as she wanted was feeling good mentally. Fast forward to today she wants to move out and I haven't spoke to her since the argument. What do I do in this situation as her pay day is soon.
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2021.11.29 20:09 Exciting-Beautiful50 ישראלים

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2021.11.29 20:09 FrontpageWatch2020 [#829|+3359|2094] Tell me where u from? [r/memes]

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2021.11.29 20:09 feckthis3 This is a painting!

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2021.11.29 20:09 Nesisaucington Ruby and her grandfather

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2021.11.29 20:09 TraditionalStreet261 Anyone from 11/5 pending payment still waiting for award email?

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