The Tessticle admits that he is running out of BS, and that people don’t want to listen to him anymore. But does he hold himself accountable? Nope, the LinkedIn algorithm is to blame, not the fact that people don’t care about what he thinks

2021.11.29 19:57 coljacobson The Tessticle admits that he is running out of BS, and that people don’t want to listen to him anymore. But does he hold himself accountable? Nope, the LinkedIn algorithm is to blame, not the fact that people don’t care about what he thinks

The Tessticle admits that he is running out of BS, and that people don’t want to listen to him anymore. But does he hold himself accountable? Nope, the LinkedIn algorithm is to blame, not the fact that people don’t care about what he thinks submitted by coljacobson to LinkedInLunatics [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 19:57 Funny_Expression_804 Help me

hey can anybody help me I have a grey screen when i play ajpw idk what happened so can anyone pls help me
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2021.11.29 19:57 skiman960 D3b

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2021.11.29 19:57 PolyShaun Age of Empires 4’s winter balance patch finally nerfs the French

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2021.11.29 19:57 Similar-Ad-4687 i am who i am

i can be bold and brash or very ill, pick your poison and no matter how close we may get to you, my secrets i’ll never spill my favorite drugs question if any of this is real a leech is what i’ve turned into and in you, i’ve stolen many meals forever is out of the question my love temporary is always our deal my sympathies eroded away, only my ego left to steal show me your ideas of love and i promise your fantasies i’ll kill you’ve heard me sing my songs of lunacy at the top of my lungs you know better than anyone the devil is where i come from no angels that roam the earth for ive scorched them all with my tongue the destroyer of worlds is who i’ve become i am who i am, now onto the next one
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2021.11.29 19:57 yamatuner Early horse skills.

How were early settlers horse skills compared to self taught native Americans? Did more advanced trainers come over once things got bad?
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2021.11.29 19:57 SuperAlloyBerserker Events should appear more frequently

I've recently been less motivated to play this game over how events barely show up in the world
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2021.11.29 19:57 MangoNao What happened to this shoe

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2021.11.29 19:57 TheSWEnthusiast66 Making a meme of every line of the ROTS comic: post 525

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2021.11.29 19:57 lukeyay99 I got a cute, chibi commission of Lumo playing with a beach ball created by u/Quixotic_Cat_, and I love it so much!

I got a cute, chibi commission of Lumo playing with a beach ball created by u/Quixotic_Cat_, and I love it so much! submitted by lukeyay99 to furry [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 19:57 PolyShaun Cyber Monday 2021 gaming deals

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2021.11.29 19:57 bazzmac India vs New Zealand 1st test aftermath

The recently concluded test between India and New Zealand which ended in a draw saw many ups and downs throughout the whole match. There were good partnerships, collapses etc. Wrong umpire calls, technicalities, rules, reviews, conditions, bad light, the crowd with those horns being blown non stop, the turns and footmarks and what not.
On a scale of 1-10 how much would you rate this match considering everything that happened and not on the result?
The umpires under pressure gave wrong decisions throughout the match in every innings in the favor of both sides, on my side I'd like to see the umpires getting fined atleast 5-10% of their match fees if anything.
Would you ever want to see a test match in kanpur again?
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2021.11.29 19:57 shenanagins81 Making Money with Jewelcrafting

I'm a noob but managed to get my Jewelcrafting to 200.
I'm trying to figure out how to make a little extra coin with it. I'm on a high pop server and it seems everything sells for no more than what it cost to craft in the first place. I'm going to look over the market and crafts more, but would anybody offer some advice to put me in the right direction?
Thank you!
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2021.11.29 19:57 Meeks_is_here i need help with end game

i am new
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2021.11.29 19:57 ShrimptheSimp My first short story, The Sacrificial Lamb (psychological horror)

If you had the choice to wake up tomorrow morning, rejuvenated, would you wake up? Or would you lie at rest, letting go of the steering wheel, and finally being truly free.
I wake up, jolting up from the cold floor. Immediately I look upon the space before me, only I cannot see anything. I look out to scan my surroundings, yet all I see is pure nothingness. I start to panic, as any well-minded person would, and begin to yell out a blood-curdling cry for help. No reply. My voice returned to me not long after in the form of an echo, which gave me the impression that I was at least in an enclosure of some kind. I continue this for many hours, or was it minutes? I can’t remember nor can I recall any other noise besides my own, that very fact struck me. I was truly alone in this place, with no one to help me out.
In an attempt to calm me down, I begin to list off what I already know.
“I’m in a room with no light, and no one around, but my ears are still functional, at least that’s something,”
I realize that my list isn’t as long as I expected it to be, so I keep myself on the subject of my senses because somehow I think that the certainty of their functionality will help me cope. I decide to check for touch, since I haven’t touched anything other than my body, but then again, the room is too cold for me to get any stimulation from my fragile husk of a body. I remove my right arm from its grasp around my chest and motion it towards what seems like the floor. I graze my fingertips across what feels like cement, only it’s dirtier and gritty. My hand starts to travel along the floor, and I soon feel imperfections in it, like embedded lines, similar to floor tiles. After some time I start to feel a wet spot on the ground which snaps me from my trance. It takes a while to remember what I was doing. “I can feel, that’s another thing,”
I move onto taste, and slowly begin to move my finger to my tongue, the taste is similar to sweat, salty, yet I haven’t felt a drop of sweat escape my skin.
“I can taste, gotta add that to the list”
I chuckle, for quite a while, trying to ease the quiet and barren mood with some humanity. That experience brings back my memory of the time I had my first crawfish As a child, I found them, repulsive to say the least, but after some forced consumption by my friends, I had grown quite fond of the freshwater delicacy. I return to my situation and look out into the void, still nothing.
I continue with my reassurance plan and begin to breathe in as I try to collect something for my nose to process. All I get is the stale air, ice-cold. In fact with each breath of air I take, the cold air pierces my nostrils, as if I am breathing in fiberglass. I quickly stop, recollect, and organize my data.
“I can touch, smell, hear, taste but I can’t see a thing, just perfect,”
Although it wasn’t perfect at all, as I feel something was missing from that established list of the five senses. I identify something else, yet I couldn’t quite comprehend what exactly it is. It’s like that feeling you get when someone is looking at you, and you can feel that they are. YES, indeed it’s precisely that! Oh, the joy that affirmation brings me is unimaginable! But that pleasure is quickly and utterly removed from my body as I sense something getting mildly closer. Its approach seems like a raging bull, racing towards me. I look out at the void, and can faintly see something coming, albeit, at a distance. It was quickly gaining speed and was heading right towards me. I curled up as I had nowhere else to go. I braced for its impact, hearing it coming closer, and as it did, I pick up some mumbling coming from its direction.
I listen intently, trying to make out what the entity is saying. As it rushes closer I can hear it clearer and clearer, and then I finally hear the words, “Do not be afraid, don’t run, embrace what is laid out before you”, in a somewhat echoey and shrouded tone.
At that very moment, the footsteps immediately stop, and after a while, I set myself up and begin to ponder as to what those words could mean.
“Laid out before me,” “Could that be referring to something in this place?”
I don’t take this realization lightly, more so considering it a fact. If I am to get out of this situation, I have to start taking risks.
I drop back down to the floor, and slowly start crawling forward with my hands out as far as they can go. As I crawl, I move my hands in all directions in slow oscillating movements. With these motions, I will hopefully and potentially touch something in front of me before It reaches me. After a few repetitions of my crawling and motions, I start to notice the floor getting progressively cleaner, almost as if on purpose. A few more seconds and I finally stumble upon something! I jolt back to recollect and move forward again, carefully, this time. I begin from the floor and slowly work my way up what feels like the leg of a chair, round with indentations along the way up. This excites me and I move my way up faster until I reach a dead end. My arms are way above my head so my previous assumption was incorrect. I place my hands over the edge and feel cloth, old, mistreated, and very dusty. I stand up from the floor, keeping my hands on what I now assume is a table. Once I am fully elevated, I reach further into the surface until my fingers reach something even colder than the already freezing room. I tap it and it produces a metallic ding, moving my hands in opposite directions from each other I feel the metal continue.
It seems to be a tray of some kind, so it must be containing something. I move the tray closer to the edge of the table, to which it rattles, and begin to examine the contents of it. The first thing I come across is what seems like a ceramic plate which is accompanied by a loaf of bread! Oh the joy that it brings me, the sweet and explicit amenity that is consumption, I scarf it down completely and without hesitation, enjoying every bite I take. I go back to the plate and next to it is a glass of some liquid, I drink it slowly, not letting a single drop slip out of my clutches. It has no flavor at first, but after a while, and after taste begins to form. It’s ever so present, but I forcefully choose to ignore it. There is nothing else on the plate so I return to the table. I reach out my hand and feel something, as I try to pick it up, my wrist gets nicked by something extremely sharp. I feel blood coming from it, so I tear off some of my damp shirt and wrap them around the wound. I then pick up what I had supposedly cut myself with. I realize that it is a dagger, by its long and slender blade and ornamentally detailed handle. Judging by the texture of it, it must be some kind of ceremonial blade, one used in rituals and the likes. I put it down and-
I find myself on a chair, my head is pounding itself to death, and I assume that I've probably blacked out and ended up here. I check on my laceration, the bleeding has fortunately stopped and I stand myself up. I walk forward and trip over the table, spilling the contents of it. As I lay on the floor, I look up and see the faint silhouette of a man, hunched over and chewing on something. The image is clear as day, even with the lack of any visible light. I draw myself closer to him and notice that he is consuming what seems to be his finger. I hear moans of pain and desperation coming from the man. I try to reach out for him, he fades away into the air leaving only what was left of his finger, reduced to mere tissue on the bone. I hunch down to inspect it and notice that whatever flesh surrounded it, was rotting, and probably has been for days. The smell alone deters me quickly, and I bring myself up again.
I feel an itch on my wounded wrist and I untie the make-shift bandage, only to reveal a red substance writhing around the abrasion. I take a closer look and it appears that it is living, because it's moving on its own, so it cannot possibly be blood. As I stare at it, it starts throbbing intensely. I try to get the material off, to no avail. The more I try to remove it; the more it grows in mass. Regardless, I keep trying and it soon covers my entire hand, filling the many indentations of my palm. I am entranced by its swaying movements, rhythmic and meticulous.
A loud bang materializes from somewhere and I am instantly blinded by a piercing white light. I quickly shield myself from it with my hand. It is then followed by loud stomps, all racing towards me, and I stumble and fall from my attempt at retreating. I can sense a lot of commotion around me, things going all around the room, covering most of its surface area.
Finally, one slam hushes the room to silence. I slowly remove my hand from my face, and look out towards the room and scan my newly discovered abode. It's quite barren, especially as, in terms of furnishing, there is none. The walls are a graying white hue, with brownish-red stains along the edges, likely caused by aging. In one corner of the room, there is a small mirror dome standing out very clearly. I then look towards the floor and see that it is cement, yet in some parts, it was decorated with porcelain white tiles, some of which were fragmented. That realization illuminated a sharp searing pain striking through my foot. I look down and witness blood, slowly reddening the concrete floor. I would’ve gone down to check on my feet, but something in the middle of the room nags me to look. I cannot make a clear image since my eyes have not yet fully accustomed to the intensely bright light. I walk closer to it, taking careful steps, and bend down to retrieve it. I hold it up to my eyes and notice that it is the same knife that I slashed myself with earlier.
My eyes slowly but surely start to focus on the knife, and I notice that my blood from before is still on the knife. I place my finger on the blade, slowly letting it glide up the length of it. I am entranced by the beauty of it, the craftsmanship that it took to make such a dagger possible. In my entrancement, I catch my wrist in my peripheral view, the red matter still motion frenzied. Soon enough both the dagger and laceration are in view. I note that when I bring my wrist closer to the blade, the red matter seems to gravitate towards it. I bring it close enough to where the blade is on my skin, and the substance begins to envelope the blade, slowly bringing it closer and closer into my skin. I try and pull the knife away, but it reciprocates with greater effort. I drop to the floor, pulling on the knife with what little strength is left in me. Soon enough, the edge enters my wrist, sending electric shocks of blistering pain down my arm. I cry out like nothing I've ever heard before. The sound of my lamentation was so loud, my ears started to ring. Soon after, I feel a liquid climbing down them, possibly blood. The knife is slowly being pulled deeper and deeper into my wrist, the pain quite unbearable. I take a slight glance at it, I am shocked. I wish I hadn't done so, because I see white poking out of the wound, bone. At this moment, I'm on my back looking up at the industrial ceiling, and the previously horrid pain has surprisingly subsided. I feel drowsy, uneven, and acutely sleepy. Through my labored breathing, a faint whine reveals itself, which is in turn drowned out by another breath. I cherish this unlikely moment, for I feel so close to freedom. The state of being unrestrained from earthly bounds. To be in full control of what is to come, to be truly alive. The ecstasy of being emancipated from the troubles that come with living, is quite tempting. I let go, here in this unforgiving room, I let go. I let go of my mortal chains, and prepare myself for the warmth that is to come. I descend downwards, my physical connection weakening. With one final breath, I am free.
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2021.11.29 19:57 Mental-Variety-3386 Just another street

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2021.11.29 19:57 BigShoots Posted in r/hockey but figured I should here too. The present-day is a bummer so I've restored another photo of the 1905 Cup champions the Ottawa Silver Seven, done by hand in Photoshop and with a bit of AI after stitching together several reference photos.

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2021.11.29 19:57 sepianotblue Car paint/body shop?

My car's paint is getting pretty rough and I'd like to pay for a quality start-from-square-one paintjob. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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2021.11.29 19:57 GoldRevolver Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo plays with number 7 on his shirt to honor number of Balon d'Ors won by the greatest footballer of all time, his great idol and role model Lionel Messi. Respect.

Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo plays with number 7 on his shirt to honor number of Balon d'Ors won by the greatest footballer of all time, his great idol and role model Lionel Messi. Respect. submitted by GoldRevolver to soccercirclejerk [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 19:57 Alicelynnwonderland1 Ya girl is tired

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2021.11.29 19:57 Severe-Task-7826 People of Reddit, what’s your favorite movie?

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2021.11.29 19:57 JousanPR Reaper ⚫️🟢

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2021.11.29 19:57 Jetson100 Phone Hotline

When the urges are just too intense and you’re on the verge of relapse and you need someone to talk to or listen to you… I’m willing to be that dude. DM for my number if so. Been there before, can see my from posts I’m an extremely addicted masturbator trying to get some control. You’re not alone. And helping others helps yourself. No judgements and no shame so you can share anything with me, I can be a discreet safe space for you. And if I can’t answer when you call, you can also just use my voicemail as a safe space to share & know you’ll be heard and understood.
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2021.11.29 19:57 EpicDogeMeme Blursed E E’S

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2021.11.29 19:57 sgtryyoung Knife from Squid Game

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