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Didn’t get an pics at Project Z — but swipe for rave bootyyyyy 😉✨

2021.11.29 20:57 MexicanPotato420 Didn’t get an pics at Project Z — but swipe for rave bootyyyyy 😉✨

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2021.11.29 20:57 WarmerbytheLake Industrial waterfront area WIP

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2021.11.29 20:57 ejtn94 Dorkly Bits - Mortal Kombat Sitcom

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2021.11.29 20:57 HopefulTomato5571 Do you think people should also be able to interview the boss of the job they are applying for to see if it’s a good fit? Why or why not?

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2021.11.29 20:57 mriley98 VM Replication advice needed

I have a few VMWare virtual machines running and I'm trying to find the best, automated way to make 'ready-to-run' replicas on a separate, off-site server. I have used Veeam for a few clients, but wanted to check if other options might be better. I've heard good things about VMWare's Site Recovery Manager, but I'm curious of exactly what licensing is needed and what would be a better bang for my buck.
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2021.11.29 20:57 ThroatYogurt503 Gooning

What exactly is it?
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2021.11.29 20:57 TheMayMayMakers went out for milk, (Post by u/Macroc0sM)

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2021.11.29 20:57 bobcat Who Is Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s New C.E.O.?

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2021.11.29 20:57 ppinick New Escalations Email?

Does anybody have an escalations email? The one I always used amazonflex-support@amazon.com doesn't work anymore. As soon as I send an email I get an undeliverable response.
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2021.11.29 20:57 CButler19 Lincoln Riley on USC: “This is going to be the Mecca of College Football”

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2021.11.29 20:57 PolyShaun Twitch star Ludwig is moving his stream to YouTube

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2021.11.29 20:57 Zepanda66 Why haven't we heard anything about a sequel to Soul?

It does kinda leave the door open for one. It was one of the more successful animated films in the pandemic alongside trolls 2. It even won an Oscar to. What do you think the hold up is?
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2021.11.29 20:57 Pterribledactylus Best FOV for not throwing up?

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2021.11.29 20:57 Greengum155 What is a life hack so good it is just now the standard?

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2021.11.29 20:57 jookco Carol Sazama Death - Dead - Obituary News : Condolences to family and friends of Carol Sazama who passed away Sunday, November 28. Click link to read full story.

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2021.11.29 20:57 bobcat College Football’s ‘Great Man Theory’ Gets a New Test at U.S.C.

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2021.11.29 20:57 stocksup81 Helium..syncing forever!

What's the average sync time you guys experience. My first miner that set up synced within a few hours. My second one has been syncing for over 24 hrs. Both are direct connected to router.
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2021.11.29 20:57 going-up3 I finally got my shuttle home!

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2021.11.29 20:57 resonator94 “I’ve seen the road and I’m not living like that.”

Has anyone else watched the trailer for the upcoming apocalyptic black comedy Christmas movie Silent Night? I can’t wait, not only because they reference our boy McCarthy in the trailer, but because it looks incredibly inventive and terrifying
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2021.11.29 20:57 _SP3CT3R The tire company Pirelli’s “doggy”. It is used for testing and logging the surface conditions of race tracks.

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2021.11.29 20:57 CandyKatja47 best way to find out about protests etc on this censored clearnet?

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2021.11.29 20:57 SwevenWhelve They want to put me on sick leave

After week 12. This is not even the end of the 3 month. I work with wheelchair bound people, which can be physically very challenging and my gyn told me that after week 12 im not supposed to lift too much weight BUT if they have room elevator, its not really heavy job at all. My employer can not guarantee to find me someone who uses only room lift/elevator and they want me to open a sick leave. If go on sick leave, my pay is gonna drop drastically. Im talking about 50% bc now i have night shifts and my pay is pretty good. I know that during pregnancy we are not supposed to work night shifts, but for my type of work they are easier than day shifts. I love my job, i work one on one with people, its so rewarding and i enjoy spending time with them. Im also used to work, i work since i was 16 and i cant imagine staying at home for 6 months before the baby arrives. I was expecting going on sick leave when i come to 6 months but yeah, i suppose thats not going to happen. We also bought a house and are moving quite far away in 2 weeks so im gonna be far from friends and my mom and sister. I have no idea, what im going to do in next few months (its also winter time here, so working on garden and my other hobbies is impossible). For any other hobby i need money and with so drastically reduced paycheck is not possible either. Also, my maternity leave paycheck is avarage paycheck of the last 12 months, and is gonna be horrible after being on sick leave for 6 months. I just needed to rant, also any suggestions, what to do during that time would be much appreciated.
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2021.11.29 20:57 ScorpionX-123 Awards & Honors

$200 - Larry Bird and Michael Jordan have both won the Naismith Awards honoring this sport at the collegiate level.
$400 - The tongue-in-cheek Internet awards honoring people posthumously are named for this proponent of natural selection.
$600 - First awarded in 1966, the “Nobel Prize of Computing” is officially named for this man who cracked the Nazis’ Enigma code.
$800 - Honoring the best in mass communications, the Peabody Awards are annually given out by this southern university.
$1,000 - Maurice Sendak is a famous winner of this award honoring illustrators for children’s books.
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2021.11.29 20:57 Time_2_Throw Christmas tree wire chewed through by pet

It's that time of year again....
Made the unfortunate mistake of leaving a young kitty unsupervised for 10 mins and found these wires chewed through.
Pic: https://imgur.com/a/7sgH9Jo
It's a pre-lit Christmas tree. These are the only wires chewed through. The tree comes in 3 separate pieces. The plug is fine, and no other places are chewed through, just this one.
After I unwrap the knot the wires are in, does it matter which wires align to which? Can I just wrap it in electrical tape and it should work? Should I wrap it in tin foil learn? Or do I need to learn how to strip wires and solder it together?
I would like to salvage the tree if I can and it's safe to do so. Welcome to any suggestions
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2021.11.29 20:57 thecarlosmethod Abs Shredder Workout

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