17M looking for conversations that last!

2021.11.29 21:41 WhyNottRight 17M looking for conversations that last!

I appreciate you taking your time to read this, nice to meet you!

If you think we’d get along feel free to messages me!
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2021.11.29 21:41 YouVision ARMY OF SKELETONS ATTACK ME 😱

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2021.11.29 21:41 wearenftgurus $ 3000 D A I L Y G I V E A W A Y !

$ 3000 D A I L Y G I V E A W A Y !
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2021.11.29 21:41 Necessary_Author_308 🐕Mega Shiba | Launching Now 🔥 BNB Auto Paid Hourly! 📈 | Automatic Liquidity Provision | Next 100x🚀

Mega Shiba is the biggest Shiba of them all! $MEGA is a revolutionary way in earning passive income while helping charities around the world at the same time. Simply hold $MEGA tokens in your wallet and you will be automatically rewarded with BNB every 60 minutes! Mega Shiba hold a charity wallet which contains 2% of token supply. This 2% will never be sold however at the end of every month we will donate the BNB rewards gained to a charity chosen by our community. No Dev tokens.
🐕 NO Dev wallet!
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🔐 Liquidity Lock 2 YEAR🔒: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xb07c31443fe9d2e7d764854d7aa193235b00c260
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2021.11.29 21:41 NMDA Shadows House - Chapter 117

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2021.11.29 21:41 ameliorate14 Update on Omicron

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2021.11.29 21:41 DeMimsyPorpington It’s not even December yet and he’s crumbling

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2021.11.29 21:41 matchalatt33 Thinking

I just got home from school. I'm exhausted. Today was the first day in so long I felt like I could breathe again. Doing things on my own without you or your criticism. Ive been thinking. I'm not the right person for you. And you know this, no matter how hard you push me or pressure me. You know this. Its useless to tell me that you love me after all of this because your actions say otherwise. This wasn't love. It felt like obsession and infatuation to me. And we both need to just move on. I wont look for you again walking to calculus. Or any other class we coincidenally meet at. It hurts too much to see you. I will just become another person in the crowd to you.
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2021.11.29 21:41 la_tinta_qlp La MEJOR película de TERROR según FORBES

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2021.11.29 21:41 lifted333up ok if big chungus is so great where isn't there big chungus 2

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2021.11.29 21:41 PositivityBrownie My boy Défago from tiny tux to big and tall

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2021.11.29 21:41 RampantAndroid Silverstone 4U case

Anyone here been using the Silverstone case for a while?
I'm designing a new corner desk in my office using 80/20 extruded aluminum. One idea I'd like to implement is a under desk rack to mount a few things in - KVM, PC, maybe a switch.
The Silverstone RM42-502 looks to be one of the few 4U cases not geared towards hot swap bays. Can anyone comment on it? Pros? Cons? Good for an under desk mount like I'm thinking of?
My other option is just to build a frame using more aluminum that'll suspend a regular tower case from the desk...which likely is cheaper given the cost of Silverstone stuff.
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2021.11.29 21:41 Bruh_momentts I was playing hide and seek with some friends and hid in a closet

But when I calmed my breath and still heard breathing behind me
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2021.11.29 21:41 southtodeath Is this porn

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2021.11.29 21:41 Lumpy_Pressure6855 Do customer's suddenly become allergic to their phone's immediately after placing their order?

I've only had 4 order's today. Only one of them was to a regular subdivision and delivery was fine. The other 3 were to gated communities and not a single one left the code to the gates for me to get in. I spent 15+ minutes trying to text and call the customers, followed by calling support, and each time support told me they'd pay me half and to just keep the food.
So I've brought home today Taco bell, Red Robin and two coffees.
What gives? Why does nobody ever pick up their phones nor respond via text?
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2021.11.29 21:41 polithspolitis That's not Santa! A very short video based on a christmas nightmare of my childhood.

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2021.11.29 21:41 Spirited_Work_4997 Missed on Shiba inu ❓ Floki inu❓Kishu inu❓then Get ready for ARASHI INU 🐶 With useful case APP in progress which have never been witnessed in BSC Space before 🚀

ARASHI INU's aim is not only to get arashi inu to the x1000 moon! Also to protect investors in this cryptoworld with its upcoming ARASHISCAN APP where you will be able to scan any token!!
When it comes to crypto and investing its all about the trust! With Arashiscan app you will be able to scan tokens and check: ruggable, honeypot, lplock or unlocked, ownership renounce, distribution, mint, buyback, taxes and more functions coming soon!
✴️ Website launch
✴️ Telegram Launch
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✴️ Coinsniper, Coinmooner etc..
✴️ Poocoin Ads
✴️ Twitter influencers
✴️ Dev Doxx
✴️ Launch
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✴️ Coingecko Quick listing
✴️ Exchange listing
✴️ Arashiscan app
( Full Roadmap in the Website )
🔥2% BURN
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xf25d8d9cd311Cb7FB4599833a6E713cEdA70d289
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xf25d8d9cd311Cb7FB4599833a6E713cEdA70d289
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xf25d8d9cd311Cb7FB4599833a6E713cEdA70d289#readContract
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒 https://deeplock.io/lock/0xd6a9e96051963f867a6a034b525629ac0d2861e7
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2021.11.29 21:41 PadThai42 Who is the beast drone photographer who posts here rarely?

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2021.11.29 21:41 dryphtyr PsBattle: This cat leaping across the room

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2021.11.29 21:41 A9D18C02 Because boycotting YouTubr by simply not using the app is downright impossible, let's try something different: use adblocker for any YouTube related thing. #AdBlockerRevolt

Since YouTube decided to remove the dislikes even after millions of people told them not to and even when the #creator #of #YouTube #himself, Jawed Karim, said that this was one of the stupidest ideas, let's revolt by using any AdBlockers out there. For Android users, use YouTube Vanced. For IOS users and otherz, use whatever AdBlockers you can.
Consider this an internet protest.
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2021.11.29 21:41 prediabetic88 16 month old naps only on weekdays

On weekdays my almost 1.5 year old will take two nice long naps. He is taken care by our nanny during week days. On weekends we are lucky if he takes one nap. Why is this happening? We make sure to follow the exact schedule for eating and sleeping on weekends and he still does not nap. He loves his nanny and is so well behaved with her. What can we do make him nap during weekends? It is so exhausting to work the week and spend the weekends chasing him all day.
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2021.11.29 21:41 Tyron_Slothrop Horror podcasts?

What horrorlit podcasts do you all listen to? I listen to the Lovecraft e-zine and This is Horror, but looking for others.
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2021.11.29 21:41 FishyBubbleWrap Wondering if my friend got scammed

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2021.11.29 21:41 TacticalTejano Do y’all know what kind of rattlesnake this is? Snapped a pic while at Joshua Tree National Park a few weeks ago

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2021.11.29 21:41 Mirzhan Is the Cake Shop after the Maintance active

I am new on this game and i started my tamer acc during the the 10th anni of dmo. That is why I wanna ask, if the cake shops are still gonna be online after the maintance or is it gonna be closed forever?
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