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Boyfriend upset at me for getting Christmas help for my kids.

2021.11.29 22:03 xmas-throwaway2021 Boyfriend upset at me for getting Christmas help for my kids.

Obvious throw away account since he browses reddit.
Anyways, my boyfriend and I have been together about half a year.
I have kids from a previous relationship as does he.
I signed up for multiple Christmas help things for my kids, knowing I couldnt afford to provide much for them this year, as well as some of my friends have send them gifts as well.
Well, the gifts have began to come and hes mad, telling me I should have done it for his children as well and that I need to put his kids names on the gifts for my kids tested specifically towards their ages or gifts they very much so wanted.
Now, I planned ahead for this to ensure my kids had some sort of christmas. At the point I had to sign up, I didnt know if we'd even still be together let alone be spending Christmas together or living together. I feel it is his duty to provide for his kids or to sign up for these things for his children as I had to provide identification and proof they were my children. I dont think it's right that hes mad at me for me not doing it for his kids.
Anyways, what do I do?
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2021.11.29 22:03 ninjagall15 Into the Dark

Hello? Can anyone hear me?
I don’t know why I ask anymore. It’s been a long time since I was rear ended into a ditch, and I’ve been on life support ever since.
I’m not always cognitive, sometimes I get flashes of nurses changing and feeding me, a gorgeous woman I can hardly remember popping in to visit, even priests, ready to bless me in case I happened to slip away.
I always thought death would be the stereotype; the bright light, the peaceful end to a journey. Instead, there’s only black, interrupted by brief flashes of my hospital room and the discomfort of a tube jammed down my throat so I don’t starve.
Even though it would be a mercy at this point.
When I heard the gorgeous woman break down in tears, I tried my best to listen closely.
“Pull the plug,” she sobbed. “Let him go.”
If I could have jumped up and done a little tap dance to celebrate, I would have. How ironic would that have been? That after all this time (years, maybe?) I finally get out of bed at the concept of finally being allowed to die.
I’m not discounting the sanctity of life. If I thought I’d be able to recover, I would disagree, but given how long it’s been laying in an inky darkness, I doubt I’d ever be back to normal, both physically and mentally.
I hear sobbing as the cord is pulled, and I can almost feel my broken body shut down vitally. My heart rate slows, breathing becomes more difficult, and finally, I see the white light.
So I float towards it, drifting through the void into the peaceful afterlife, ready for whatever comes next.
But as the feeling of release washes over me, I notice that once I’ve crossed the threshold of the white light, it’s dark again.
I look around, although “look” is a loose term. I have no body, just a consciousness floating through the dark.
Is this it? I hoped there’d be more.
Then I feel it. My mind starts to fade, and I begin to forget about my past life, even before the accident. Little bits of me drift away, all the joy I held, the ways I’ve grown and changed, the people I have loved and who have loved me, all disintegrate into oblivion.
I always believed in an afterlife. Maybe not Heaven or anything biblical, but something more than our silly little lives.
But as I fade away, I realize that there is nothing after the bright light of death, it’s empty, and soon enough I’ll be empty too.
I wonder what it’s like, to not exist at all. Is it lonely? Scary? Will I be anything like me anymore?
Or when enough time has passed, will I just suddenly stop-
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2021.11.29 22:03 DerivedM Best Summoner dash option?

I need a dash before and after planters pls
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2021.11.29 22:03 herderka_derka Do I have any options?

I've got several health issues that make it impossible for me to work. I applied around 4 years ago. Had a lawyer. Was denied. The doctor the court sent me to looked at me for 2 minutes and said I was fine and then spent the rest of the appointment telling me about the ski trip he was going on has soon as he was done with me.
I tried to work. I really tried. I have never been fired from a job before in my life, but I've lost every one I've had since then because of missing to much work because of pain, being to slow at tasks or just because I can't remember crap because of a brain bleed I had.
The last time I was at the doctor he said I needed to apply for disability, but won't put anything in writing, because they have their own doctors. There last time I was at the ER they told me I needed to apply for disability but won't put it in writing for the same reasons.
I tried a few disability lawyers again but none will take me because my doctor won't put it in writing. I was told the doctors the court send you to are incentivised to deny patients. Basically if they find people disabled the gov stops using them.
I don't know what to do. I no longer have insurance. Can't afford to go to the doctor. Unable to work. No medications. I'm lost, broke and feel like they prefer I just go ahead and die.
Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.11.29 22:03 TheBYOBShow I make my own tinctures. Is 3g flower to 1oz normal, or is it better stronger (what ratio)? I use Everclear.

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2021.11.29 22:03 Sergio741369 Because your beautiful 😍

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2021.11.29 22:03 Commander189 [Recruiting] WAR HUNTERS | Required TH12+ | Clan Level 15 |Laid back War Clan| Crystal 1

💎 Clan Name: WAR HUNTERS (#GUQ8C00U)
💎 Clan Level: 15
💎 CWL: Crystal 1
💎 Clan Type: Laid Back WaCWL Clan
💎 Clan Entry Reqs:
🔸 Active TH12 / TH13/ TH14.
🔸 Participates in Clan Games, wars, etc.
🔸 Willing to learn if you wish to.
💎 Clan Games: Mandatory.
🔸We participate in clan games, and have required points. We always reach the top-tier rewards.
💎 Clan War League: Optional.
🔸Have a feeder clan for lower THs that wouldn't get into main clan's CWL
💎 Additional Info:
🔸 Our members are from all over the world and active.
🔸 We do back to back wars.
🔸 Have a discord to have easier communication with members.
🔸 Have no donation ratio.
💎 Clan Link/Discord Link:
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2021.11.29 22:03 Technolomics First level generated automatically in my puzze was a last level I could pass myself... Level automation experience

First level generated automatically in my puzze was a last level I could pass myself... Level automation experience I generated 9 levels manually on paper for my puzzle game, when I decided to write a script to generate levels and check their solvability. I used wave algorithm, holding temporary snapshot dictionary. Where the value was the positions of all balls on the grid. Each iteration I altered this dictionary moving the balls in all possible direction until the level was completed. After some optimization I managed to generate more 7 levels. Last level and the most complex one with 6 balls on a ~80 square grid I managed to generate in 50 minutes on my old I3 laptop. Iteration with million of possible states took about 5 minutes to be completed. Is that the optimal way to solve those kind of things, or are there a better way to do it? Level on the GIF took about 10 sec to be generated.

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2021.11.29 22:03 LisaMck041 Australia’s forest fires have increased 350% when compared between 2002-2018 to 1988-2001. Climate change is the ‘overwhelming factor’ in driving these fires, as fire seasons are getting longer and affecting more areas as the years pass by, study finds

Australia’s forest fires have increased 350% when compared between 2002-2018 to 1988-2001. Climate change is the ‘overwhelming factor’ in driving these fires, as fire seasons are getting longer and affecting more areas as the years pass by, study finds submitted by LisaMck041 to environment [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 22:03 LIATHEROX Trading/selling corrupt! Mostly trading tho :D

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2021.11.29 22:03 abnegatethesloths Damn all these people beat me to making a unique wattpad account. What do I do now.

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2021.11.29 22:03 Cxnangvrayy Quick should I ?

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2021.11.29 22:03 chigcht [No Spoilers] True

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2021.11.29 22:03 Bonus1Fact What’s the difference between weather and climate? ¦ CBC News

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2021.11.29 22:03 Freekmagnet How to Remove Stuck O2 Sensor With a Hose Clamp Trick

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2021.11.29 22:03 BMoney8600 Thinking of starting a new island under a new account

I am thinking of creating a new account on my Switch to start a new island. I want to do this so my island can look as cool as everybody else’s. What island layout is the best?
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2021.11.29 22:03 thedal_amarr Gritty, professional skeleton army ala "Army of Darkness"

Hello there! I have recently begun painting minis and started with some 40k Chaos units (Bloodletters, Terminators). I have always had a weak spot for skeletons though, so I would love to get an army of those, too!
I love the esthetics of professional, gritty, infantry regulars - except long dead. It'd be great if officers and leaders of the army would also be skeletons (although I like the thought of human necromancers as well). I know I could buy whatever models I can find for that, but I like to have a ruleset underlying my units, and it would be great if I could start playing with an army if I ever want to get into that as well.
What factions in the Warhammer universe (or others, I am open to all thoughts on the matter!) would fit this vibe? Can those be played (feasibly) as a skeleton-only army?
Thanks a bunch for any replies!
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2021.11.29 22:03 artistpillow Bring it DOWN!!!

The faster the silver spot price drops the quicker we can drain the physical. Mind you, the premiums would most likely stay elevated. There's so much cash out there and like minded people. Unlike last year when it dropped and online PM sites went down, we have so much cash and easy cash flying around if the same thing happened again they'd most likely just stay offline for a while. The slow hammers down are only to discourage investors. Silver and gold are money. PMs are money. If price goes down you get more for less. Buy while you can with cash and hold. We won't have cash forever when we reach mainly only digital payments within the next 5 years or so. Enjoy the discounts and tax free buying at your LCS while you can.
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2021.11.29 22:03 Need_2_say Is my Monkeybrancher Ex gf having trouble letting me go completely? I'm so confused at this point

Was with ex gf for 2 years, we had marriage plans that were nearing before she monkeybranched. Initial break-up was ugly, she told me I was the worst guy she's ever met in her entire life and put the new guy on a pedestal. For months I foolishly chased while she breadcrumbed. After months of heartbreak I pulled back and stop initiating contact. She would initiate but conversations were shallow deep so I would match her energy.
A few days ago we had this unexpected argument (see previous post), so I thought that would be the end of things. But she messaged 2 days afterwards and sent some pics along with it.
*We've had at least 10 different "the end wish you well" conversations but somehow we're still in contact. I don't compliment her anymore or chase, and have made it clear I would never be 'just friends' with her and have no interest to do so. She says she's as happy as ever and have said that I'm an asshole worst guy ever etc, so why jeopardize her "new relationship" by messaging me and sending pics, etc? Any insight into what I'm dealing with?
*Thanks for the advice in advance
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2021.11.29 22:03 GTSBot [GTS] My can of expanding foam sprung a leak

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2021.11.29 22:03 LolaBeauty100 All banks tap in ASAP ‼️‼️

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2021.11.29 22:03 Stupidpratt F16 accidentally inhaled cleaning products what should I do?

So on Sunday, I decided to clean my carpet with a vanish carpet cleaner (foam), I’ve never done this before and I didn’t wear anything to protect my mouth from inhaling anything nor did I open the windows, it was in a small room. I then decided to clean the toilet and I just mixed loads of cleaning products not thinking about it. On Monday woke up throat feels like I’ve eaten glass, burns and it hurts to swallow, eat and drink, when I breathe it feels like tiny tingles. I don’t know if maybe I’m sick and being dramatic, maybe it hasn’t got to do with anything about the products I used? I called 111 they were gonna get an ambulance, first the ambulance people called me, I explained my situation, they literally looked it up and then said they can’t find the product therefore couldn’t help me and hung up. Do you think I should go to the doctors or hospital? Or what is it?
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2021.11.29 22:03 Erockin26 AAPL Calls 🚀🚀

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2021.11.29 22:03 kingbebop15 Would you set your best friend's house on fire for 50 billion USD? (No one is in the house)

View Poll
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2021.11.29 22:03 ThaProtege [9 pics] Man converted crawl space into a bedroom for his cat

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