Scariest thing a guy can say to you, “I’m bored.”😺📸

2021.11.29 19:53 the_5foot_16yr_old Scariest thing a guy can say to you, “I’m bored.”😺📸

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2021.11.29 19:53 sk1990 Katz’s pastrami on rye to-go

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2021.11.29 19:53 Francis_Barret 36 years old, stoner since age 13, trying a TL break

I'm in day two of a purposed one month TL break. Weed smoker since 13 years old. I've been smoking everyday all day long since I can remember, all my adult life at least. Since my wife - who is as stoner as I am - is not at all on board with it, I'll have to do this break while she smokes her joints right next to me. I decided to not make a fuzz about that. We're married for 17 years, with a lot of ups and downs, but right now we are in a excellent moment in our relationship. As difficult as it is, my understanding is that it is a individual process and a personal choice.
This is not my first try. Seven years ago I tried to stop. I am a very compulsive person, and tried to quit cold turkey a lot of my (maladaptive) coping mechanisms at once: youtube, porn, weed. I was not ready for it, went really bananas and my poor wife had to put up with a lot of shit. Since then I treated my internet adiction, went to therapy and started meditating, and now I think I'm ready to tackle this challenge.
Untill now I'm really anxious, thinking about weed all day long, having trouble to fall asleep and crazy nightmares when I manage to do so.
I'm writing this more to share and to feel acountable, but any advice is welcome.
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2021.11.29 19:53 341091866 Amogus

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2021.11.29 19:53 pullingsneakies Who doesn't love a BJ before a bk

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2021.11.29 19:53 jarlaw98 [BDSP] LF extra Drifloon, missed him

Title basically, missed him on Friday. My brother is also looking for him so preferably if anyone has an extra one to send away that would be awesome, but i can send it back if needed. Just trying to complete my national dex
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2021.11.29 19:53 WoollyChimera PS1 Load Issues on Modded Fat PS2

Hey Reddit--still new to this sub, so please forgive any naivete on my part.
Recently had a modchip (Modbo5.0 running Matrix Infinity v1.93) installed into my Japanese fat PS2 (model 39000). For the purpose of this post, I'm going to assume the chip was soldered in correctly. Don't want to entertain the possibility that something went wrong with installation unless this is unfruitful.
Here's my problem--so far have not had issues loading PS2 games from any region, audio CDs, or DVDs (the DVDs are always parental blocked but whatever, I already have a DVD player). However, I flat out cannot play my PS1 games. All games that I have attempted to load are original discs, American region, not backups.
If starting up normally or from the browser, I always get red screened. If forcing startup in PS1 mode (holding down "O" at start), I load into a blank screen, without ever seeing the PS logo.
Two other tidbits that may or may not be helpful:

Any ideas what may be going wrong? Are there startup commands I should be using that I am not aware of? Happy to give out more info if needed.
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2021.11.29 19:53 funny_man23 Sing A Song - Jingle Bells Batman Smells [Pop]

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2021.11.29 19:53 unchartedinvestor What Are Your Thoughts on Mat Best?

I’m curious about you think of his videos and coffee company. I liked how he and Evan Hafer brought awareness on Joe Rohan about government organizations not helping out veterans by given them individualized treatments and how their nonprofits are trying to help solve that problem by raising money for those specialized treatments. I do think some of his videos are funny, but I think he comes across as a bro-vet and that his videos are a little cringe. Do you think his videos are cringe? Has anyone served with him?
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2021.11.29 19:53 robaxen Is this a good build?

I already have a 650w psu. I am planning to use my current graphics card(gtx 1660 super) until i can afford a new graphics card. Im using a 1440p 144hz monitor and the pc wil mostly be used for gaming. Is this pc good so far or should i shange anything?
part list:
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2021.11.29 19:53 pandadogunited This dude recreated the Ankha animation

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2021.11.29 19:53 moonie-eli Opinions on such a long wait.

So my (f28) boyfriend (m27) and I have been together for just 7 months so far, and we have never discussed about marriage or children. I have always found that normal since well, we're quite early on the relationship. A couple of weeks ago he had to deploy due to being in the military, and since then he has been telling me how he started to think and he wants to wait until he is 31 to start thinking about marriage, then he wants to focus on finishing studying (which is awesome) which he calculates will take about 3 years, then he wants to leave alone for at least 1 year and then he might start thinking about marrying me.
So I honestly don't know how to feel about this, just because we never spoke about marriage (even though deep down I am madly in love, and have of course thought about it a couple times) but now I feel he's warning me of how much time he needs me to be aware of, prior to know he will be ready to take such step. Basically, he's telling me he'll need 5 years first, oh I also forgot to mention he will be deploying again starting the following year and that he also won't feel comfortable to do it prior to that. So it'll be a wait of 6 years, when I am 34 and he's 33.
I feel a bit heartbroken, I feel he's basically telling me to be prepared because he won't even consider having a life with me prior to those 6 years. I told him how I feel he first thought about what he needs to do what he wants to do, and then he'll think about our relationship. To this he replied he thinks what he is saying is good thinking and that he won't change his mind. He also asked me to "wait for the worst, so if something changes, the good will "impact" me better", which I think it's no way of carrying a relationship, should I be hoping I'll be just be the forever girlfriend and maybe someday he'll consider me for something more serious?
And I know finishing with our studies is extremely important, but I honestly feel discouraged. I love him, but what if there's someone else out there that actually would be so crazy about me he wouldn't even think about waiting? and when I say this, it doesn't even mean I am ready to marry the next day, but someone that could at least tell me "hey, I've started to think about this and this with you, how do you feel about this?" or similar... idk, this created a new insecurity in me, I guess he's not as crazy about me as I thought.
What do you think? what would you say to your SO?
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2021.11.29 19:53 mezzamoah Crumbling exposed brick

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2021.11.29 19:53 Logan_Weasel_ Pre ordered these during the 50% off sale and they came in today. I’m super happy to have both of these on the shelf now the 4k transfers look great!

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2021.11.29 19:53 clemoonoz Just resumed playing BF1 after a 4-year break...WHAT A GAME!

Such a brilliant atmosphere. So immersive and visually beautiful. Such a great sound design. What an epic gameplay.
Can't actually believe this was made 5 years prior to 2042.
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2021.11.29 19:53 rikwithnoc Tdarr_Plugin_ER01_Transcode audio and video with HW (PC and Mac) Skipping 1080p mp4 in MKV

Per the title, I’m trying to get this working on a Mac node with a Radeon GPU - and when it works it flies! The issue is that it seems to be skipping 1080p mp4 files that are already in mkv containers. Does anyone have similar experience with this plugin and we’re you able to resolve?
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2021.11.29 19:53 quakess-reddit-bot anyone down to do the demon prince with me (help) (ps4,ps5)

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2021.11.29 19:53 paloskii Don't miss on Felix! Cat coin with real potential. The public sale is still open!

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2021.11.29 19:53 thomasdealll [PC][2010+] A game where you start by falling from the sky in a vehicle and build your vehicle up.

As the title says, you start by falling from the sky as a vehicle with basically nothing, you roll around for a bit and eventually kill another vehicle, taking their parts and adding them to your vehicle to upgrade. This kill and upgrade cycle was pretty much the main point of the game. Any ideas? (Upgrades included: Drills, more wheels, guns, etc…)
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2021.11.29 19:53 Troll3Killer I'm having difficulty moving on from a previous relationship

When I was 17, I started a relationship with a girl that I had a huge crush on. We were both introverts, both liked video games, both liked the same music, etc. The relationship went pretty well, we would text each other almost every day and hang out at each other's houses. Being the naïve teenager that I was, I thought I was going to marry this girl because of the amount of unconditional love I had for her. During the relationship, I had friends who told me that I shouldn't date this girl because of how rudely she interacted with other people. I didn't listen though because I thought they didn't know her as well as I did.
At the end of my senior year, my gf had to move away across the country, so we couldn't keep in contact as much as we could in the past. We spent our last day together talking about our past and we cried in my car. However, we weren't going to end the relationship. We planned to keep it long distance until either one of us could move closer again so we could live together. During that summer, I went on a trip to her house so we could hang out for a week. However, things changed.
When I came to her house so we could spend a week together, at first everything was okay. We talked and played video games like before. However, the last half of the week she became very cold and distant. It was pretty awkward, especially since I couldn't really go anywhere since I didn't have a car there. Soon after I left, she texted me saying that we needed to break up. She said that we could be friends, but a long distance relationship wasn't going to work. I was very sad, but I understood where she was coming from.
A few months later, I heard from Friend B that my ex-girlfriend started dating Friend A from high school long-distance. The story had changed, my ex told Friend A that I was manipulative and that's why she broke up with me. When I tried to tell Friend A the truth that SHE was the one lying, he didn't believe me and stopped talking to me.
I'm currently 20, and I still think about this to this day. I know logically that she isn't a good person, and that I should move on, but I still have feelings for her. I haven't talked to her much at all since we broke up, so the feelings I have feel similar to grieving when a loved one dies. Otherwise, I have a very functional life, and I've dated quite a few awesome people since then that I've been able to move on from after the relationship ended. When I'm left alone with my thoughts for long enough, though, I still think about her. I'd like some advice about how to move on. Thanks for reading :)
TL;DR: My high school girlfriend dumped me and I want help to move on.
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2021.11.29 19:53 JRLCHARTSLGBTNews Lovehoney Announce Dec 13th as Cut-Off Date for Christmas Orders - JRL CHARTS

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2021.11.29 19:53 the1rayman Best Techno build for starting expeditions??

So the title says it all. I've recently come back and I know a TON has changed since I played last. I'm at the last part of the game with my techno which means expeditions will be starting soon. The leveling "build" (I use that term loosely since it's not really a build just something I'm using to skim by) is NOT going to cut it in endgame. I've looked at builds but they all require end game sets that I just won't have for the next 40ish hours. So what are some good starter endgame technomancer builds. Play style doesn't really matter since it's a means to an end and not the end.
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2021.11.29 19:53 FanngzYT i tried my best to help this gal along, should i cut my losses? :/

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2021.11.29 19:53 ruby1990 ITAP of a frosty morning

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2021.11.29 19:53 vistalyte I can taste it

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