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Board Game Night

2022.01.23 22:31 TonyOctober Board Game Night

I haven't been to anyone's Board Game Night since college and I'm really wanting to join up with some people to do one. Ironically I don't have too many games myself but I can bring snacks! I'm 27, male, work in tech, shy and funny, cat obsessed and wanting to make new friends in 2022.
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2022.01.23 22:31 spottiesvirus Unable to play Steam games on fire tv

I sideloaded the android Geforce now app on a fire tv stick, out of curiosity to see if it could work, and it does, surprisingly, and the experience is not that worse compared to my chromecast with android tv, which is my main screen.
The only problem is I'm unable to play any steam games, and they don't even appear in the cataloge, not even looking for them individually, which is very strange, epic and ubisof just work fine.
Does anyone have the same problem? Any advice on how to fix it?
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2022.01.23 22:31 FrontpageWatch2020 [#219|+8545|666] Nuclear weapons were created to destroy large amount of lives but ended up saving countless by avoiding conflits [r/Showerthoughts]

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2022.01.23 22:31 depressed_asian_boy_ What's an opinion you have about star wars that everyone would agree

For me, Ewan McGregor is the best part about the prequels
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2022.01.23 22:31 big_beast828 Soo uhh.. what does this room do?

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2022.01.23 22:31 WanderingKittens Marzipan the Cat offers to "help" with the puzzle

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2022.01.23 22:31 SysShtDwn [USA-CA] [H] GSkill TridentZ RGB Ram 2x8GB 3000-CL15 [W] PayPal or Local cash

Selling a lower timing ram set, MemTest ran fine with no issues before removing them from my system.
The higher timing goes for about 85$ new, this timing is only available on newegg for over 200$ which is silly, I guess is harder to find and goes a lot more new, but I'll still sell it for what the other ones go for.
70$ + Shipping OBO
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2022.01.23 22:31 BigBoiiBenji4747 Uncharted Looks Horrible

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2022.01.23 22:31 TheXBoxer [PS4] H: TSE90 Gatling Laser plus either PA Set (Bolstering AP WWR Ultracite Set with Jetpack Arm OR Vanguard AP WWR Ultracite PA Set with Jetpack Left Arm (LL is Cavalier) W: 2 x Explosive nu Lasers/Flamers offer. Bloodied/Vamp/AA most likely. 2:2

[PS4] H: TSE90 Gatling Laser plus either PA Set (Bolstering AP WWR Ultracite Set with Jetpack Arm OR Vanguard AP WWR Ultracite PA Set with Jetpack Left Arm (LL is Cavalier) W: 2 x Explosive nu Lasers/Flamers offer. Bloodied/Vamp/AA most likely. 2:2 submitted by TheXBoxer to Market76 [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 22:31 FrontpageWatch2020 [#213|+2886|264] He got banned from this sub beacuse of making this comment. [r/Cringetopia]

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2022.01.23 22:31 Breeze327 Postgre SQL Skills Transferable to MS SQL Server?

I am planning on taking Jose Portillas Zero to Hero SQL course on udemy but the software used is Postgre SQL where as I use and will be practicing with MS SQL Server.
Is the syntax and usage similiar enough where I will be able to learn and use the skills in Server?
If not, any courses you would recommend?
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2022.01.23 22:31 starlytical For people who are trading something for robux, how would you recieve the robux?

The only way I know of is through Roblox premium trading, but other than that, I have no clue lol.
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2022.01.23 22:31 Ok-Culture1825 Save me

Save me from becoming a Incel. Don’t get me wrong I despise incels and there hate towards woman, however after every relationship I have with woman I find myself starting to really dislike woman and that’s really the last thing I want. I seem to not able to get along with ANY WOMAN, I’ve had girlfriends but those never last long and always end bad, also any friendships with woman will end bad.
For some context I was raped by a woman as a child which has made me distrust woman from a early age, also my mother psychologically abused me by guilt tripping and lying to me most of my life, so I also don’t really believe woman.
I’ve went to therapy but I’ve never talked to them about my relantioships with woman before because I’m afraid I’ll be seen as a sexist.
For example I had a female friend that I considered very close, she was there for me when no one else was, I for some dumb reason told her that she shouldn’t get a tattoo of her boyfriend on her cause her relationship won’t last forever and she blocked me on everything and her boyfriend then texted me telling me to go touch grass and I’m annoying and I should go kill myself.
Please help me from becoming even more of a shitty person. Idk what to do, can someone lead me in the right place?
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2022.01.23 22:31 mastrkief Is there a compelling reason to go with Toto over Bio Bidet when the former only offers a 1 year warranty and the latter offers a 3 year?

I'm looking at Toto and Bio Bidet bidets. I'm eyeing the Toto C5 or K300 or the Bio Bidet 2000, 1700, or 1000.
Both brands come highly recommended on countless sites. But the gap in the warranties seems to be a massive differentiator.
Any general thoughts or recommendations would be most welcome.
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2022.01.23 22:31 WFooty-Queen919 What's that one thing you bought because you really needed but never ended up using it?

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2022.01.23 22:31 FrontpageWatch2020 [#171|+16437|237] Plant watering guide [r/coolguides]

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2022.01.23 22:31 ItWasUs Can hives make your arms sore?

Two days ago, I woke up really itchy around my armpits, arms, thighs, legs, neck—everywhere, basically.
Red rashes, raised splotches and red patches all over my body. I'm taking antihistamines, but my arms and neck area feel like they're becoming sore. Can hives make your body ache? Should I just keep taking benadryl?
30M 130lbs
I also received the Moderna booster about 10 days ago, I know that may be a factor.
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2022.01.23 22:31 unhappy-otter0282 i think they started speaking enchantment table help?? (first post so i dunno if right flair)

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2022.01.23 22:31 FrontpageWatch2020 [#84|+3060|388] He's rich, racist, white, straight, and angry. No way they don't take his side. [r/PoliticalHumor]

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2022.01.23 22:31 v1p3rgaming13 Cry Baby in Terror

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2022.01.23 22:31 mickyj789 Different Card Names

I Found a few of my old cards not long ago, I would love to get back into playing again but I've noticed that when I google cards that I have to see either what pack they are from, Or Deck builds that include them so I have an idea of how to build a deck properly. I'm noticing that a lot of my cards have different names. At first I thought it could be a regional thing (I'm Australian) But I'm starting to think that a lot of the cards I have may be fake. Some examples Include Online vs My cards: Destiny Hero Dasher vs Fate Hero Striker Allure Queen LV3 vs Charming Queen LV3 Chimeratech Overdragon vs Embedding Overload Dragon Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill vs Super Vehicle Huge Drill
To name three cards I have that I've already noticed are completely different. They look Identical to the card I can see online but It's a worry that all I had growing up were Fakes and I just never paid attention. Even though I vividly remember opening a tonne of packs when I was younger because I was so into the Anime. Does anyone have any info or are my cards fake and I should just start from scratch?
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2022.01.23 22:31 Mission_Carrot6157 Shader Not Showing Up In Minecraft Bedrock Windows 10 World

I am mainly using the bun.mcpack shader for mc, it imports completely fine and I add it to my world completely fine too everything is also up-to-date aswell even my mc bedrock version (1.18.2). The problem is that when I load a world with a that shader or any other shader I tried from mcpedl it will not show it at all. When another player joins my world they can see the shader. Also behaviour packs work perfectly fine and show up for me, but not the resources.
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2022.01.23 22:31 666lazy white rapper

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2022.01.23 22:31 gabrimori Goddamit Jhonny

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2022.01.23 22:31 NedBigbe How do you fix the sorting issue? I upload downloaded music from my computer to iTunes?

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