Watching the Cardinals joust with each other is incredible :

2022.01.23 20:29 catbirdtv Watching the Cardinals joust with each other is incredible :

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2022.01.23 20:29 LetsBeatTheStreet Larry Cheng’s Volition Capital ——> Future of Gaming. Love Me Some Purple Larry ❤️ 🚀

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2022.01.23 20:29 EroticART69 Wanna get this bra off me?

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2022.01.23 20:29 sunshinelink Coming up with backstory... what to name a runaway Empress?

My character was set to be Empress but after a tragedy has run away, I had the idea that she would change her surname to outrun the memories and the expectations, this campaign is set in the late 1800s.
Her first name is Lydia.
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2022.01.23 20:29 henriuitant Why do so many spa/esthetic centers in NYC have french names?

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2022.01.23 20:29 purpleblissed British Doctor of Mirpuri/AJK descent becomes id one of only three people to ever receive two Prestigious Harvard Scholarships

Medicine graduate Dr Harun Khan has won both the Fulbright Nursten Award in Medical Studies and a Kennedy scholarship to study at Harvard University.
Dr Harun Khan is one of only three people to hold both awards simultaneously – the Fulbright Nursten Award in Medical Studies and a Kennedy Scholarship to enable him to study at Harvard University in the USA for one year – two of the most well-regarded and impactful scholarship programmes in the world.
The Fulbright programme counts German Chancellor Angela Merkel, poet Maya Angelou and 60 Nobel laureates among its alumni.
Past Kennedy Scholars include former Bank of England Governor Mervyn King, International Rescue Committee President David Miliband, and Economist Editor Zanny Minton Beddoes.
Following a rigorous selection process, assessing his academics, cultural curiosity and leadership qualities, such as his widening participation work in UK higher education, the US-UK Fulbright Commission selected Harun for the award.
In awarding the Scholarship, the Kennedy Memorial Trust assessed Harun's intellectual attainment, ability to express himself, and his case for proposed course of study at Harvard. Trustees also took into account originality of mind, a commitment to public service, potential to make a mark in public life and an ability to overcome adversity.
Harun has been selected from strong applicant pools to pursue postgraduate studies in public health where he will explore the intersection between health outcomes and social identifiers like race and social class.
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2022.01.23 20:29 Thayerphotos Lack of Convergence should be the name of a strain

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2022.01.23 20:29 TotallyNewNewNew Basic psychological and philosophical questions about home-machine decisions

I can't decide if I want milk-based or espresso-only at home and buy either Lelit Bianca or Quick Mill Carola, respectively. I know Reddit can't answer for me—only I would know if I'm the former or the latter—but I don't know. I'd appreciate guidance in helping figure out the kind of home drinker I want to become. I honestly don't know and of course we're all strangers but how can I decide "who" I want to be as a home drinker? Sure I enjoy a gorgeous milk-based drink but do I need to at home when I'm perfectly happy with espresso alone? I live alone. I'm not an expert. Will I get upgrade-itis if I get espresso-only Carola? It's like $1,000 less than Bianca, big savings. This much I know: if I get a milk-based machine it has to be dual boiler. I'm too irritable and impatient to deal with HX unfortunately. So either dual boiler or espresso-only.
Help me decide what I want in life. Make me into a person!
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2022.01.23 20:29 Jalopy_Style James Brown - Papa Don't Take No Mess (1974)

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2022.01.23 20:29 IVIVIVI12 is brick wall good?

tydebo says to put it on every card even guards but i dont get the point since its for setting screens
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2022.01.23 20:29 wombRaider999 Finally 3.5 dodo colour mutation and yes it has a stomp attack...

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2022.01.23 20:29 Nanoespectro Always enjoy the little sprouts of tranquility.

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2022.01.23 20:29 Amogusussy1629 What the hell is a animesexual

I'm so confused rn
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2022.01.23 20:29 Senior_Trick_7473 Bachelorette with SIL who is Transitioning

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2022.01.23 20:29 BlondeCurlyq Lyft horrible customer service

Anyone have issues with Lyft concerning customer service? I purchased a gift card and with it being paper like the pin came off with the scratching and it's been since Friday I've messaged them and they will not answer me and have closed all my chats and will not help me until the special teams email me like WTF!!! Anyone ever have an issue with Lyft where u just ignored because I use Lyft to get to and from work
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2022.01.23 20:29 belkiamine $6 - Cars 3: Driven to Win (Nintendo Switch Digital Download)

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2022.01.23 20:29 Autist16AZ Just how fast do OBTs grow? And what do people keep adults in?

I've got a juvinile obt, had it for around 6-7months and that's it just had its 3rd molt. And it's obviously much bigger but definitely not an adult that when I got it (although how big exactly I'm not sure of till it ventures out its burrow). Currently my enclosure is a decent size but I'm now questioning if I might have to look at an upgrade in much near future than expected or if the current setup will be a reasonable size Will post a picture of the current setup in the comments.
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2022.01.23 20:29 no_part_of_it "An unusual picture of one of the intrepid window washers working on the Empire State Building, as he pauses in his task to draw a lung-full of clean air at his height." 1930-1931 ( 1600 X 1240)

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2022.01.23 20:29 Global-Lingonberry30 my waifu build

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2022.01.23 20:29 chucrutcito 3D Metal Printer Project - Electron beam melting

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2022.01.23 20:29 _Cu_Chulainn17 Trees can talk but I don't like what they're saying (part 3) (final)

Part 1
Part 2
I scrambled through the tunnel, able to see everything for some reason, although it was in black and white. My phone was destroyed. I seem to go through a lot of phones. The sounds of the fight raged behind me. Wood splintered and ceramic chipped. Occasionally I would hear a sort of whispery groan as Sebas smashed one of the torsos into little pieces. I moved through the tunnel as fast as I could, half-crawling and half-running in a crouch. At a few points I had to crawl like a commando due to Sebas' having made the roof cave in. After a minute or two, I reached the limbs. They were coming alive as well.
"Stop," said Jocelyn's voice. She was in my head. I wasn't touching her.
"Why?" I said out loud. "They need my help."
"They will destroy each other," she said. "It's for the best. Come back to the surface."
"Won't I turn into a tree?" I asked.
"It's slowed down," she said. "You have the sight."
"Come up here," she said. "We will talk."
The severed limbs were crawling past me of their own accord. They paid me no mind. I couldn't hear the struggle going on anymore. Maybe Sebas or the wooden torsos had won already. But Jocelyn would probably know already if that were the case. I reached out again with my mind, this time focusing my energies upward. After a few deep breaths I felt myself moving through the soil. It felt a little like waking up.
I emerged back on the surface and opened my eyes. Everything was still in black and white. The itching on my back was there, but very faint. Sebas was sinking below the ground. The ground around his trunk looked disturbed and he was rocking back and forth slightly as more and more of his trunk disappeared into the earth. The wooden torsos were taking him down even as he smashed them into pieces. I pictured the remaining ones all holding onto his roots with their teeth and pulling him down with their weight. In my dimension it would take unimaginable force to suck a tree into the ground. But things did not work the same way over here. I could move in a way that was not possible where I was from. And of course, I could talk to trees.
"How do you feel?" asked Jocelyn. She was looking at me. I don't know how, but she was looking at me.
"Fine," I said. "What happened? Why can I see like this?"
"It's what happens when you're underground," she said. "You feel what we can feel. You can see like we can see."
"Is this how you see?" I said. "In black and white?"
"Well, no," she said. "But how we see is not something your brain can process. This is as close as you can get."
"All very interesting," I said. "But I think it's time I went home." The cliff David had told me to leap from was less than 100 feet away. There were no trees standing between me and it.
"Wait," said Jocelyn. "There is something else you have to do first."
"What is it?" I said.
"The Forever Tree tells people it can make them live forever," she said. "It's been alive for longer than anything in your dimension. If you even looked at it, you would go insane. It doesn't look like a tree. It looks like how a tree looks to an ant."
"So what?" I said. "You want me to kill it?"
Jocelyn laughed. I swear I heard a chuckle from the trees around us as well. "You can't kill it," she said. "I don't even know if it can die." A sudden gust of wind blew past me in the direction of the cliff. Even the leaves on the wind looked different from the leaves one would see on real trees. This whole place was so unsettling. Everything about it looked real and not real at the same time.
"Wind," said Jocelyn. "That means it knows about you. The Forever Tree. One of the real trees must have tipped it off. You have to go now."
"I was going to jump off the cliff but you stopped me," I said. "Is there another way out?"
"No, you still have to jump," she said. "But you have to take one of us with you. If one of us gets out, the others might be able to break free. I almost got free of the ground when I was helping you. It was like I could walk again. There's something about you finding your way here by accident. It upsets things. Usually people come here because they want to live forever. Now some of us can do things we couldn't before."
"Those ones underground," I said. "The failures. Could they move before I came here?"
"No," she said. As if on cue, Sebas sunk even lower underground. His branches were almost touching the ground now. The loose soil around him was piling up so much that it was obscuring my view of him.
"Who am I taking back?" I asked. Jocelyn shook something loose from her branches. A branch from another tree landed at my feet. I recognized the bark and leaves immediately.
"David," I said.
"He helped you," she said. "He deserves a second chance." The other trees rustled their branches in what I interpreted as a murmur of agreement.
"So...if I bring this branch back, it will turn into a person? What then?"
"That's not how it works," said Jocelyn. "If you take a piece of David, it will open up a small hole. Back to his own time and place. Maybe he can squeeze through it. We'll try. Maybe we can get him back to when he came from. Hundreds of years ago."
"What if that upsets the timeline?" I said. "Like in the movies, somebody goes back in time and changes something, then they get back to the present and the Nazis won World War 2 or something."
"If David goes back to his own time, he will live a good life and die fulfilled," said Jocelyn. "That's it."
"Are you sure?" My calves cramped up. It was the most intense charley horse I had ever experienced. I fell to my knees but my feet felt far too heavy. Taking deep breaths to steel myself against the pain, I started massaging my calves. As I did so, my hand slipped a little lower on my leg and touched stone.
I froze. The pain was still there but now I had a bigger concern. I looked back at my feet. They were stone. The cramps were not going away and I could not move my feet. With some effort, I managed to push myself up to a standing position.
"The stone has found you," said Jocelyn."
"But I didn't touch it," I said. "The stone, I didn't--"
"The rules are different now," she said. "It's like I said with you coming here by accident. It must work differently for them, too. Not just us."
Sebas' branches were sinking below the ground now. I walked towards the cliff as fast as I could while unable to move or feel my feet and holding David's branch, but I couldn't go very far and the pain was spreading. The muscles in my legs started to spasm. Walking was almost impossible and I still had 50 feet to go.
"Reach," said Jocelyn. "With your mind. Try it."
It was my best bet. I knelt and placed a hand on the ground. Closing my eyes, I tried to picture myself at the edge of the cliff. In my condition, I wouldn't be jumping so much as throwing myself off, but that would have to do. I felt the air whipping by on either side of me. My hand felt as if it were digging. I opened my eyes. The cliff was now a few feet away.
Something brushed my leg. I heard Sebas' voice. "Hear them," he said. How he could reach this far, I don't know, but my mind was immediately filled with the sounds of hundreds of voices screaming. Except every scream eventually ended with a sharp exhalation, like someone was forcing the air from their lungs. That must be what happens when they turn into trees. They can't breathe anymore because they don't have lungs. I dragged myself towards the cliff. The ground was over a hundred feet below and was covered in grass. No trees in sight.
My legs were mostly stone right now. Sweat poured from me and I was moaning with every movement. I reached out and grabbed the edge of the cliff with one hand, holding David with the other. Adrenaline is a powerful thing, because I somehow managed to pull my half stone body off of it and into free fall with only one hand.
I don't think I fell in a straight line. At least I never brushed the cliff face on the way down, which is fortunate considering that I had no lateral momentum when I fell. Taking a leap of faith as David had encouraged was by that point a no-brainer, as the alternative was worse than death. The scary part was that I couldn't feel the parts of me that had already turned to stone, only the parts that were about to. That meant that soon I would be numb all over. If I hit the ground and died, at least it would all be over quickly.
I didn't die, of course. But I did hit the ground. The grass gave way as I sunk into it. It didn't feel all that different from jumping into a ball pit like I did at Chuck E. Cheese's when I was little. For a second, I couldn't see anything. Then I was lying in the field where I had initially gone to investigate the time disturbance. My legs were flesh again. To somebody passing by, I probably looked like I was just looking for familiar shapes in clouds. It was a sunny day.
I checked my analog watch. Since my phone was in pieces, I had to guess that it was telling me the correct time. A branch lay on the ground next to me. It looked like a normal branch.
I got on my bike and rode home. Maybe I should have taken the branch with me but I couldn't carry it with me while biking. At home I took a long shower and then went out to buy another phone. The whole experience felt like it had happened in another lifetime. None of my friends had been with me. Maybe they would believe me if I told them. Seriously, I need to stop going through phones so quickly.
My biggest regret about the experience is that I didn't learn more about David. Not his full name, not which time and place he had come from. That one failure was from World War 2. Did the trees experience time in the same way I did? Maybe it moved slower over there. Who knows how long David had been waiting for someone to stumble through?
There is one thing I'm trying to do differently now. The next time I investigate something out of the ordinary, I will bring a friend with me. Good friends can make any experience bearable. I wonder if the trees ever feel that way.
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2022.01.23 20:29 SHarks_blade Inspiration...

Does anyone else look up houses for sale to get ideas for the houses in their game? I'll put up my app, click on a random spot, in a random state, and look at all the houses for sale. I've gotten some really good ideas from doing that.

P.S. I think I chose the right flare, but I'm not sure, I am new to this sub and have never posted her before.
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2022.01.23 20:29 pcbuilder6002 Best android phone under £1000?

My s10 broke and need a new phone under £1k. I am happy to wait for the new phones to release if it is worth it. I would prefer not to get another samsung due to exynoss and also just wanting a new experience! If their are any other details I need to add let me know.
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2022.01.23 20:29 Schiffpilot Animal Age Question

My sheeps reached the maximum age of 60 months. I always had 2 big barns and 2 spinnerys working but now one of them get not enough wool.
Is it just a wrong feeling or it's possible they dont produce the same amount of wool as when growing up?
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2022.01.23 20:29 electris_is_here discord_irl

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