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Someone has below wallpaper ??

2022.01.23 21:17 ErrorDesigner1429 Someone has below wallpaper ??

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2022.01.23 21:17 courters_ yoshi mug !!

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2022.01.23 21:17 jmullen25 H: V50c25 hm and B2515v hm W: Other hm offers

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2022.01.23 21:17 JamestrollingtonNFT Thank you all for your support guys....

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2022.01.23 21:17 Comitatense Would you connect to your ex-employer network if your ex-boss asked you?

I changed job. My ex-boss asked me to help them with some stuff for free. I decided to help them because my career skyrocketed because of him. I am very well known in my country now and I find very easy to get good paying jobs.
I connected today just to check if my credentials are working with his permission and they do. But I am not sure if this is okay legally speaking. I suspect the owner doesn't know but they still need me because I didn't document my last project 'coz I resigned.
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2022.01.23 21:17 Knownweiser Is there a market for bigger condoms?

My dig is 7 x 5.9 or 18 x 15 cm and would mathematically need a 75 mm condom roght? The biggest condoms on the market are 69 and they fit well. But as i read of other digs being more than 20 cm long there should be a condome size bigger than 69. Maybe 69 + 4.20.
What is your experience with condoms and mathmatically to big digs? I also think the exaggeration of a lot of digs biased my opinion on the need of such a condome. A chart on statista shows that every third men has a dig between 18 and 20cm. I think this data is just extremely exaggerated and there are not many of them.
In this community most digs are not over 20 cm. Not only that but also the 10-20% stretchiness of the condoms make bigger condoms unnecessary.
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2022.01.23 21:17 Bp2Create Where to start with digitizing tapes and loops?

I make music as a hobby and I'm pretty interested in using tapes as part of it, but I just don't know where to start with digitizing/recording tape loops. Is there a certain type of player I should look for that would be good for this purpose? I have a smaller cheap player that works for testing loops, but it has some pretty noticeable noise when I try to digitize with it.
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2022.01.23 21:17 kyonashi 2060 rtx & 3080 Rtx

Hey guys, I am new here and I was hoping I could get some help. So I have a 2060 currently with 4 monitors 1(4k monitor), 2 (1440 Monitor), 1 (1080 monitor). Now with the 2060 I can not functionally use all 4 with out some delays or heavy drops in FPS, I am wondering if I can get a 3080 and use the 3080 for my two 1440 Monitors and then have my 2060 do the 4k and the 1080 monitor.
Is it possible to run two graphics cards in my pc and have them split the load like this or will it cause any issues? Would it be smarter to just take out my 2060 and use my 3080? Will my 3080 be able to handle all 4 monitors with no issues?
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2022.01.23 21:17 spacespiceboi Proof that g*mers are homophobic

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2022.01.23 21:17 Impressive_Will6322 We showing mugs?

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2022.01.23 21:17 seafnevacap glad he listened to me and fixed that trash autumn preset 😭😭

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2022.01.23 21:17 topothehills NAL then AF

Curious what TSM aficionados say the protocol is when you take NAL then lose the craving in the 60-90 min wait?
Have a drink or two anyway so it’s still a reward decoupling session, or just AF it?
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2022.01.23 21:17 Omega3421 Why Prince's 1st Album "For You" Matters | Prince Podcast

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2022.01.23 21:17 Templar388z Wake up feeling a bit trashy after dreaming

Anyone have those extremely vivid dreams while you sleep where you’re dating someone? I had such a vivid dream that I met a guy. He was a security guard I happened to meet. He came to me to let me know I was breaking the rules at the hotel I was staying at. From there I remember a date in the park, walking alongside a river. That’s where we had our first kiss. Then I remember him proposing at the same park. Next it’s us at big house, guess we got a home together. The last thing I remember was an SUV, he was driving with a kid in the back. Then I woke up. Big huge oof, now I’m like make this person real please. I can’t help but feel bad, like thanks brain. Of all the things that my brain thinks of for dreaming. Not the first time I’ve had this kind of dream while asleep. Anyone else have those dreams?
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2022.01.23 21:17 epicling2244 Fanart

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2022.01.23 21:17 zjemcikapciePL I'm $1,37 short.

I will go straight to the point. I want to buy an image host which offers payments in XMR, but I'm $1,37 short. Any help will be appreciated.
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2022.01.23 21:17 Diego2k5 Looking for Recommendations on floormats!

Looking over the sub I see mention of rust and read somewhere not to hose off the inside of the Element. That being said I would like to get a good rlset of floor mats for the whole car. Does anyone have recommendations? Rubber would be best as we get tons of snow in Montana amd saw the flooring in the car as a plus!
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2022.01.23 21:17 inkedgalaxy 😂😂😂

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2022.01.23 21:17 firetoronto Who has had the biggest impact on your life?

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2022.01.23 21:17 WannaGoodName Finally completed the Kelly Mcguinnes run!!!

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2022.01.23 21:17 ThoughtMachine24 What is the luckiest moment of your life?

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2022.01.23 21:17 iamcalifw 💎Baby Floki Doge Just stealth launched 10 minutes 🔥Ownership Renounced💎 Early Low Cap just launched | No Airdrop | BFDOGE New 1000x - Project is run by the best team in the BSC space 🔥GEM x1000 moonshot

🚀 Baby Floki Doge is the cutest and most lovable Memecoin brought to earth by Floki and Doge. This low tax and hyper-deflationary gem uses simple tokenomics to ensure Everybody goes to Mars in a Tesla!
TG : https://t.me/babyfloki_doge
🚀Inspired by Elon Musk’s love for Doge and his new puppy Floki. We know Elon will love his new golden child Baby Floki Doge !
🚀 Baby Floki Doge is the cutest and most lovable memecoin brought to earth by Floki and Doge. This low
tax and hyper-deflationary gem uses simple tokenomics to ensure Everybody goes to Mars in a Tesla!
Inspired by Elon Musk’s love for Doge and his new puppy Floki. We know Elon will love his new golden
child Baby Floki Doge !
🚀 A truly experienced, professional team that has shown much success in crypto!
The marketing professionals did 20x on their last project and are determined to turn this into a Billion Dollar Marketcap!
🚀 They are a low tax & hyper-deflationary coin that will incentivize new investors to buy in and existing investors to hold! Which is a breath of fresh air after all these high tax coins!
They will also employ antibot, anti-whale, and anti-dumping measures.
Max transaction 1% of supply 🔥
🔥 Hyper-Deflationary & Low Tax Gem
👨 Known and Trusted Developers & Marketing Team!!!
🔐 Kyc Doxxed Badge with Pinksale (compliant with CCPA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, and WCAG
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🔥 Poocoin, DextTools, BSCScan, Coinzilla, Coinsniper.net, Coinhunt.cc, 40+ Million Audience Influencers, 80+ Private Investor Groups Promoting Our Presale
⭐ 0% Buy and Sell Tax
🏆 Hold $BABYFD get rewarded in $ BFDOGE automatically
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videos, CMC & CG, and Banner ads (Poocoin & Coinsniper). 30+ Million in combined social media
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✅ Professional Marketing Team (last project did 20x)
💰 Amazing Roadmap & Usecases
🧠 Audit from Solidity Finance
💥 CONTRACT : 0xbdafddca64ef4fb4af149fc2eedb4349bee7ecea
🚀 Buy On Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xbdafddca64ef4fb4af149fc2eedb4349bee7ecea
🔥Chart : https://charts.bogged.finance/?c=bsc&t=0xbdaFddCA64ef4fB4aF149fc2EEDb4349BeE7EcEa
🔥Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0xbdaFddCA64ef4fB4aF149fc2EEDb4349BeE7EcEa#readContract
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2022.01.23 21:17 Billy_The_Squid_ Small demo of a space game I made in C++ and openGL - file size is only 493kB

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2022.01.23 21:17 Trocki2000 How do i overcome premature ejaculation?

Everytime it happens i feel so sad. Makes my sexlife really hard...
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2022.01.23 21:17 throwawayacct12130 the role of teachers in a capitalist society?

Everyone and their mother has something to say about the oppressive nature of schooling these days (at least in progressive circles) but it seems like the people who play a fundamental role in upholding the system and enforcing its violence continue to be held on a pedestal and revered as saints for their services almost universally*. I am not suggesting that ATAB or dismissing the role of their exploitation as workers in the abuse children suffer in their classrooms. However, a good majority of them could be classified as class traitors for the kind of work they do with the major exception being those with class consciousness who enter the profession to protect children from the worst of it and teach in a way that enables them to liberate themselves.
What do you all think? Does anyone have any suggestions for reading material on this?
*If it wasn't apparent I am specifically discussing people involved in institutions of formal education, not just anyone involved in any teaching role be it here or in a hypothetical communist utopia
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